Assassins Creed Memes: 25 Best Funny Assassins Creed Memes

Last updated on December 25th, 2016

Assassins! Since, Altair, we’ve seen a lot and experienced many things. There were both good and bad times. But still, our love for the franchise kept us together and will always do. An entire culture based on one creed clearly indicates how large it’s universe is. Well, talking about sarcasm, fans have created so many Assassins Creed memes that will blow your mind away. To make your day, we have carved out a list of some of the best Assassins Creed memes you would love.

We’ve collected most of these memes from various sources, while we have solely created some of them. Dive in to have fun!

Best Assassins Creed Memes

assassin's creed meme generator

Shhh…! No words! Dare not to disturb Altair! The President will be assassinated!

assassin's creed logic

Lol, it feels so hilarious to fool the crappy guards in Assassin’s Creed games. Sit on the bench; the guards won’t notice you! Jesus, so many funny Assassins Creed memes have been created based on this logic!

Note: The below image is categorized as NSFW

assassins creed meme genrator

Remember climbing towers and treetops to get a synchronized view of the surroundings? It was fun, isn’t it? Well, something similar just happened over here. The cops in the name of an investigation will keep on coming to this area, as they have synchronized the exact viewpoint on their map.

assassin's creed meme generator

– “Spiderman, Spiderman…you are so slow in climbing walls….Spiderman!”

It looks like, Ezio just trolled the great superhero, Spiderman! Well, you’ve to admit, climbing walls in Assassin’s Creed games is faster than doing so in Spider-Man based titles. Yeah maybe, Spidey is more powerful and resilient, but he can’t match Ezio Auditore da Firenze in some aspects.

assassin's creed logic

So, where have you been to this holiday? Roamed around the world, eh? Well, be careful before asking this question to Desmond! Because he has had the most shilltastic vacation ever! Isn’t this one among the most funniest Assassins Creed memes, bruh?

assassin's creed 3 memes

The Kenway family tree is the most amazing bloodline in the AC franchise ever! Haytham’s father, Edward, was an Assassin but he wound up as a Templar. Now, ironically, his son, Ratonhnhaké:ton continued his grandfather’s legacy, and guess what happened in the end?!

assassin's creed syndicate memes

If you’ve played Syndicate, then you must recall that this is one among the few unique assassination attempts available to kill Twopenny. That sorry ass shouldn’t have been distracted by that painting. Jacob got him real bad!

assassin's creed logic

Once again, it’s the crappy guards for you! Guess, they’ll never learn. “Stupido Guardia!”, that’s what Ezio must be thinking every time befooling the guards!

assassin's creed meme generator

That surprising double-assassination! Well, there’s no point in keeping an eye out for the Assassino anymore! These sarcastic Assassins Creed memes will blow your mind away!

assassin's creed meme generator

Honestly, we feel so sorry for the guards. In the end, it’s them who are slaughtered for messing up with the wrong guy! Yeah, Ezio, great job! That should teach the ‘idiota’ some lesson!

assassin's creed logic

Alas, only Skyrim gamers can understand this meme. The same old Arrow to the Knee jokes became so mainstream that AC fans came up with this “Bullet to the Knee,” concept.

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Remember what happened with AC Unity? The bugs, glitches and useless patch updates? Gamers were too much enraged about the marketing hype that led to such an undesirable outcome.

Hence, the loyal AC fans created some Assassins Creed memes based on the NPC glitches that frequently appeared in the game.

assassins creed memesAll thanks to the Assassin robes, you would get a field of view similar to the above one.

assassin's creed meme generator

Remember that not all the Assassins were good. There was disturbance between them too, and within that commotion, Shay was betrayed by them. He didn’t betray the Assassins if that’s what you think.

There were good Templars too, and Patric Shay Cormac was the best one ever! Hence, better not say the typical Assassin quote to anyone without knowing its actual meaning.

assassin's creed meme generatorBua…hahahaha! You should start conserving these type of Assassins Creed memes! The L’Oreal hair dye looks good on Arno. It looks like we have a new mascot for L’Oreal!

assassin's creed meme generator

That’s what exactly happens in the passenger trains in India, which happens to be the 2nd most populated country in the entire world. You would often find people, climbing and jumping on train compartments like the Assassins!

assassin's creed meme generator

Hide in the bushes, blend in with the crowd, sit on a bench or move around with whores, the guards will fail to notice you. That’s the basic framework for the Assassins’ Creed enemy AI. Lol!

assassin's creed meme generator

Quiet! Both Yusuf and Achilles are busy giving instructions to their comrades!

assassin's creed meme generator

Jeez…looks so creepy. Ubi could have made a spooky tv series based on Unity depicting these NPC glitches. Yes, that would have helped to recover the losses incurred by the company after the release of the game!

assassin's creed meme generator

What? Your textures? Perhaps they are lost in the nearby galaxy, Andromeda! Get the meaning? You have no idea how many Assassins Creed memes have been carved out, all thanks to your lack of textures!

assassin's creed meme generator

Dare you; I double dare you, Ubi! Don’t ever think about a remaster again! The original one looks much better!

assassin's creed logic

Admit it! They are the best history teachers in the world ever! No one can replace them!

assassin's creed syndicate memes

And there you go, Jacob is so happy imagining himself as the Spider-Man! He doesn’t know a thing or two about the great superhero! Hence, the face made by Peter Parker.

Wary not if you don’t understand the words mentioned in Hindi. They refer to a modern slang used in India. Peter is just trying to express his feelings in a sarcastic way!

assassins creed memes

Yeah, so the guy had it coming. There was no one who could have helped him, and as the rumors speak of, most probably the next AC sequel will be termed as “Empire”. This has been cited especially by popular gaming news sites.

assassin's creed memes

Alas, we have so many great stories to share with our grandchildren. Our generation is unique because we had the company of so many great history teachers. So, now it’s our responsibility to preserve what they taught to us!

Hope, you had an awesome yet sarcastic experience going through the list of Assassins Creed memes that we collected as well as compiled. If you can create some of your own or possess some funny AC memes that should be on this list, then do let us know.

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