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1. Shashi Kant (Head Photo Designer & Electronics Reviewer)

He is an enthusiastic writer about Tech news. Mainly based upon Google and Microsoft. Currently pursuing his bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He is a talented graphics designer and also a photoshop addict.

2. Sourjja Deep


Sourjja Deep is a hardcore gamer and gadgets fanatic. He is into Battlefield 4 ESPORTS and also a youtuber. He is a sole listener of rock metal music. He has very effective skills in writing. You will usually find something funny in his articles. Presently, he is pursuing his B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering at NIT Surat.


Ankush Das
Ankush Das

He is currently pursuing his bachelors degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He also aims to become a singer along with an interest in technologies of the modern world. He expresses his love to music by saying it as his weapon or power of his life.



He is a hardcore gamer who is the Chief Editor of this website especially responsible for gaming section by bringing up unique information to a reader’s eyes. He also is a student in first year to come up as an Engineer in the later years.
Apart from gaming he loves to research a lot about the culture and geography of various countries, cities,etc.

His motto is to ” Keep Moving Forward and Never Give Up “


Kartik Singh
Kartik Singh- Founder

E7500 Gamers, founded by Kartik Singh, is the official YouTube partner of Tech Legends. The only thing Kartik gives a shit about is gaming, technology and art. Beside’s gaming, he has an interest for media and photography and also loves experimenting new stuff in computers. He dreams of being a successful YouTuber one day and will do anything to achieve his goal.

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