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Gigabyte AORUS Launch

Gigabyte AORUS Launch Event in Gurgaon : A Remarkable Experience

Followed by the AORUS unveil at CES 2017, Gigabyte organized one among the largest product launch events in the history of Indian gaming industry....
Bhubaneswar GamerConnect_2.0

Bhubaneswar Just Saw Its Biggest Gaming Event: GamerConnect 2.0 By Nvidia

Last July, Bhubaneswar became the 2nd city in India to have an exclusive ROG Experience Zone by ASUS. Well, that was quite a feat...

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Organizations Calling On Turkey To Respect Online Freedom

Some major organizations including EFF have come forward to sign an open letter to the government of Turkey. The open letter is meant to...
tech hack

8 Tech Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Hello, readers! Well, I'm not shouting out loud to you, but excited to share some interesting tech hacks or you could also consider these...


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