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Here’s What You Should Know Before Sponsoring

Designed by Abhimanyu Singh Tanwar

Join the revolution of making the web advertisement-free by sponsoring us!

Probably India’s first community-sponsored blog in India.

I utilize my income from my primary job at It’s FOSS and other freelance tasks to keep this blog up and running. However, the more readers access the site, the more time I would need to spend to provide regular content or update the existing content to help the netizens across the world.

Not to forget, I would also need to upgrade the server with the number of readers significantly growing recently.

Currently, I spend 299INR/month for web hosting (using VapourHost, an India-based hosting platform) to ensure the best experience for my readers.

Hence, I accept donations in the form of community sponsorship to support my work. Your donations will not just help me with my expenses but would also help in achieving the goals I have:

  • To set an example of an advertisement-free blog (based in India) that provides you the best possible content with community support.
  • To support other Indian content creators using my platform.

Fret not, you don’t need to break your bank, I encourage you to contribute a minimum of 300 INR per year to help me out using any of the payment options below.

It’s not a subscription so you can choose to contribute next year if you want or just support us with a one-time donation.


UPI ID: [email protected]


PayPal link to donate:

Become A Patron

If you want to support the blog with a monthly subscription of any amount, you can do that here using Patreon:

Community Sponsors for 2020

I’ll simply mention the name of the individuals here who have contributed and keep this up-to-date. If you’ve donated something, your name will appear here:

  • Sangmen Aier
  • Refakat Hussain
  • Dibyansu Mohanty
  • Anonymous Contributor (1)
  • Haze Ryder
  • Anonymous Contributor (2)
  • Rahul Vithala
  • Suraj Sharma
  • Rahul Dubey
  • Chittaranjan Tripathy

If you do not want us to include your name, feel free to send in an email at help.[email protected] to reach out., and I shall keep your donation anonymous.