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Last updated on November 16th, 2018

Note: You can no longer download GBA games for free – Nintendo is legally taking action to shut down ROM hosts. Your best bet is to browse through for the games we mention.

Looking for the best GBA Games? Well, you have come to the right place!

Don’t you feel nostalgic thinking about the games you played during your childhood? To be frank, those moments were precious. You earned them. They are priceless. Oh, come on! It’s pointless to become emotional! Why not play them right now instead?

To help you refresh those unique memories, we have compiled a list of best GBA games of all time (Gameboy Advance games) that will keep you engaged 24×7.

What Are GBA Games?


If you don’t know about GBA games then perhaps your childhood was not awesome! (not really!). Well for your info, Nintendo revolutionized the pocket gaming industry in the early 2000‘s by developing Game Boy Advanced consoles. You can refer to the image above to get a clear picture about this concept. It is the successor to the 32-bit pocket gaming console, i.e. Game Boy, developed by the very same company.

How To Play GBA Games?

As of now, Nintendo has stopped manufacturing GBA handsets. If you have conserved a Gameboy till date then it’s marvelous!

If not, head to Amazon and get one!

List Of The Best GBA Games Of All Time

Best GBA Games | RPG

1. Pokemon Fire Red

Pokemon Fire Red is the unquestionably the best Pokemon game for GBA.

So cutting to the chase, Pokemon Go fans will fall in love with this retro-based GBA game, Fire Red, which will hook you into its role-play elements.

2. Beyblade G-Revolution

Those epic days! How can we forget? Admit it…you used to launch beys and compete with your friends! Beyblade G-Revolution is one among the best GBA games of all time that will completely make you feel nostalgic. Also, the events of the game are exactly based on its anime adaptation.

Hence, you’ll have fun choosing your bit-beast, modifying your bey and battling against your opponents. You know the tagline before launching your spinning beast. So what are you waiting for? – “3,2,1…let it rip!”

3. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

Being one of the top GBA games, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is the first GBA game ever to incorporate Full Motion Video (FMV). The visuals, FMV and the story-driven campaign were the key factors that determined its commercial/critical success.

It’s a side-scrolling GBA game set in a mysterious castle. The unique aspect of its gameplay is a card-based battle system that pops up during combat situations. Each type of card (red, blue, green) possess unique effects. It’s entirely upto the player to choose the appropriate card during the game.

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, offers two different story mode based on the characters, Sora, on a quest to find his missing friends from the castle, and Riku, on a path to fight his inner demons at the basement level of the castle.

However, the second story mode can only be unlocked after the completion of Sora’s adventure.

4. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

The Legend of Zelda is a worldwide popular franchise which also made its root to Game Boy Advanced consoles. The Minish Cap, released in 2004, will hook you into its whimsical gameplay and visuals. Most of the GBA games are known for their bad quality sounds. However, the in-game music of this Zelda title is more than enough to immerse you deeply into its role-play campaign.

Special mandate items that can be collected from the dungeons are crucial to defeating the bosses in each level. In addition, you can also perform side-quests to collect some extra reward and xp in-game. It is surely one of the best GBA games you would find interesting.

5. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, is one among the best GBA games in the RPG genre. Similar to rest of the role-play games, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow offers an experience based system to level up and earn skill points to enhance the abilities of the player.

The game’s Tactical Soul feature allows players to garner additional abilities after absorbing the soul of defeated enemies. Based on a variety of effects, the soul is categorized into Guardian, Bullet, Enchant and Ability.

The Guardian soul lets one transform into mythical creatures while the Bullet souls allow players to launch powerful projectile attacks. To augment the player’s innate abilities, so as to make them perform impossible tasks like walking on water, Enchant souls play a key role. Ability souls can be activated to traverse certain areas in a matter of few seconds.

6. Golden Sun: The Lost Age

Golden Sun: The Lost Age has one among the largest open-worlds offered in any GBA game so far. A major part of the gameplay is focused on exploring the world, visiting various continents and islands, on a magical ship.

Doing so unlocks a variety of quests that can be completed in any order depending on the player’s choice. In most of the areas, players need to solve puzzles in order to progress further in the story.

Psynergy spells play a key role in the game that can be honed/enhanced as the players level up. Overall, you will fall in love with the eye-candy retro visuals and the engaging story of The Lost Age. Undoubtedly, this is one among the best GBA games for RPG fans.

7. Mother 3

Yet another amazing GBA role play game, Mother 3 became a critical and commercial success upon its release. It was primarily out for Japan only but later got translated into an English version unofficially.

It’s one among the very first GBA title to feature a “rolling health” system. So, it surely becomes one of the top GBA games. All thanks to this feature, your health won’t decrease all of a sudden but rather go down eventually within seconds. As a result, you will get enough time to counteract the opponent with deadly finishing moves and rev yourselves up with first-aid.

8. Tales Of Phantasia

The plotline takes you into the footsteps of Cress and Chester, who later form a party to avenge a sorcerer-king, Dhaos. Together they pursue a journey through time to save mankind from his wrath. However, in their very adventure, they encounter much more events only to find a bigger conspiracy in the making.

Can you save your world as you travel through time? Or, shall your actions lead to rather catastrophic consequences in the parallel universe? Tales Of Phantasia definitely poses a very unique and well-designed story.

The view is linear based meaning it’s a side-scrolling game. It features a party system, where you are not subjected to control the rest of the team members. You can auto-set their actions. There are various combo moves which can be tuned along with a specific array of weapons.

Top GBA Games | Action-Adventure

1. Grand Theft Auto Advance

best gba games download

Grand Theft Auto Advance is one among the best GBA games that will make you feel retro. It’s an open-world action game which you play from a first-person perspective. The storyline is set one year prior to the events of GTA III.

You’ll have fun driving, shooting down goons, hooking up and exploring the map. So, enjoy playing one among the best GBA action games which act a good counterpart to its console/PC version.

2. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

best gba games download

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell GBA is a side-scrolling stealth-action game following the same plot details of its console/PC counterpart.  Play as Sam Fisher, an ex-Navy SEAL operative, now working for Third Echelon, a secret task force of NSA.

Consequently, witness back-to-back action in this epic story driven game as you discover many conspiracies.

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3. Ultimate Spider-Man

Ultimate Spider-Man is one among the best GBA action games that will hook you into its storyline. The events of the game are mainly focused on the mystery behind the Venom suit. Uncover the truth about the parents of Peter Parker, as you witness shocking events initially with the Venom suit.

Get to know how Eddie Brock is related to Mr. and Mrs. Parker’s death…oops! Sorry, no spoilers!

3. Bat-Man Begins

best gba games of all time

Just like Splinter Cell, Bat-Man Begins is another stealth 2D side-scroller, that follows the events of the movie with slight deviations. Not only can you incapacitate enemies using normal stealth attacks but also scare/ take them down using gadgets.

Hence batarangs, smoke-grenades, bat transponder, flash bangs, etc. will prove to be of great use in-game. You can even use the environment to create distractions and perform signature bat take-downs to eliminate your targets.

4. Super Mario Advance 4

Super Mario Advance 4 is the most popular GBA based Mario game that you can probably get. Get back to old times, as you pop mushrooms to grow and power up. Run, jump, shrink, swim, fire flowers and slide through tunnels as you progress through a series of levels to complete your objectives.

Super Mario Advance 4 is one among the best GBA games that will refresh your indelible childhood memories.

5. Naruto – Ninja Council 2

best gba games

Naruto – Ninja Council 2 is another 2D side scroller that you will fall in love with if you happen to be a great admirer of its anime adaptation. It’s the 2nd installment in the series which follows the events of the original anime.

There are three playable characters which you can probably guess- Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Unleash the power of your jutsus and combo moves as you take down a swarm of enemy ninjas. So, what are you looking at? Have fun playing one among the best GBA action games!

6. Sonic Advance 3

best gba games

A handiwork of SEGA, Sonic Advance 3 is a 2D runner that will amaze you with it’s fast paced gameplay. You have to take down enemy robots and ultimately bosses, to complete each and every level respectively. Also, gathering in-game collectibles will grant players with extra levels that they can enjoy exploring.

The levels feature layouts like springs, rails or vertical loops. Players control one out of five characters along with a supporting character, that simultaneously runs together throughout the game.

7. Metroid: Zero Mission

best gba games

Metroid: Zero Mission, space action-adventure thriller, is one among the best GBA games ever created. As a space bounty hunter, Samus Aran, you’ll be hunting down pirates responsible for duplicating meteoroids for self-gain.

The events of the game take place in Planet Zebes that features a challenging environment with an immersive single player campaign. Boss fights are intense and you’ve to rely on special power-ups most of the time in order to beat them. You can even try to complete levels quickly if you happen to come across several underground shortcuts.

One of the top action GBA games indeed!

8. Drill Dozer

best gameboy advance games

Drill Dozer is a fun to play action game that you’ll never regret spending time on. It follows the story of Jil, the daughter of a Bandit Gang’s leader. The sole motive of the story is to retrieve the precious diamond of her belated mother. Later, a few such rare diamonds happen to be revealed in the story.

The gameplay mainly focuses on the usage of the drill possessed by Jil. Apart from mobility, it has the power to eliminate a swarm of enemies that you keep encountering in the game. It can be used in a variety of ways to take down the enemy bosses. Upgrades can be purchased from the in-game shop to augment and modify the grill.

The game also offers your progress to be manually saved. Hence, yet another interesting game for GBA.

9. Astro Boy: Omega Factor

best gba games of all time

Remember Astro Boy? If you’ve happened to watch its anime adaptation then you should consider playing this amazing action game for GBA. It’s basically a beat em’ up game. You play as Astro, a cyborg, who can use augmented attacks against enemies.

At times, you’ll get the privilege to use special moves on your targets, as the required meter gauge gets filled up. You can even unlock hidden levels if you happen to explore the game deeply.

10. Megaman Zero 2

Witness yet another 2D action side-scroller, Megaman Zero 2, which is undoubtedly one among the best GBA games. The storyline basically focuses on the protagonist, Zero, a Reploid unit fighting against the forces of Neo Arcadia.

Use deadly weapons like Buster Shot and Z-Saber against enemies to take them out single handed. There are more weapons/gadgets which you can unlock as you progress further in the story. This classy GBA action game is a boner and you might want to play it as soon as you can.

Best GBA Games | Fighting

1. Tekken Advance

best gba games of all time

Only Tekken fans will know what it felt like back then. Tekken Advance is an awesome GBA fighting game, which will give you a similar feel as its console version. The story follows the events of Tekken 3, thus imparting a genuine experience even on a platform like GBA. Considering the action sequence, it is definitely one of the best GBA Games!

In order to provide players with a 3D like gaming experience, also has a side-step feature. Tekken Advance features ten characters to be exact with each having a unique set of moves and animation respectively. You’ll have fun playing this game if you are a die-hard fan of fast-paced fighting titles.

2. Mortal Kombat Advance

Though the game has been negatively criticized, it still happens to be one among the most popular GBA fighting games. Unlike Tekken, Mortal Kombat Advance features a huge array of characters possessing deadly moves and combo attacks.

It might be quite challenging for you to fight against the enemy AI, as this game is popular for having some bugs considering the difficulty parameters. Still, you’ll have fun playing this amazing game.

3. Street Fighter Alpha 3

best gba games download

Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a real boner with its crazy gameplay elements. You won’t find any major difference if you compare this amazing fighter game for GBA with its console counterpart. The story mainly focuses on the primary protagonist Ryu who ventures on a journey to seek more knowledge in martial arts.

On the other hand, Mr. Bison, the main antagonist plans to rule the whole world by using the powers of some great warriors on planet Earth. Ryu must do everything he can to protect himself and the mankind from the wrath of Bison. The game also features a wide range of characters to choose from with each having their own story respectively.

4. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2

best gba games of all time

Ready 2 Rumble is quite an interesting fighting game for GBA that will immerse you into its engaging combat mechanics. When you hit your opponents, letters start appearing in the game. If you keep on hitting your rival repeatedly, the letters will form the word ‘rumble‘ allowing you to unleash special attacks.

As the rumble meter gets completely filled up you can directly deal a finishing blow to your opponent, resulting in your victory. The game features more than 23 characters including some exclusive faces like Michael Jackson and Shaquille O’Neal.

5. WWE Survivor Series

best gba games of all time

It is undoubtedly one among the best GBA fighting games one can crave for. WWE or wrestling fans may consider playing this game, as not only it showcases a huge roster but also a story mode where you can take your own character to the top.

It’s entirely your decision to choose either Smackdown or Raw. You’ll definitely have a great time in the arena as you battle against your bloodthirsty opponents.

6. Dragonball Z – Supersonic Warriors

best gba games of all time

Admit it! You imagined yourself as a Super-Saiyan when you were kids! Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo…how can we forget those legends? If you want to relive those moments then definitely you should give this epic game a try.

Those one-on-one battles are going to be very intense. Relying on special attacks alone won’t help. You’ve to master your combos and sync them accordingly to counter your opponent’s move.

There are various game modes too including a single-player campaign, where you can choose any of the characters having a unique story. The “whatif” scenarios in the game make the story-mode more dynamic as they happen to deviate the game’s plot from that of the original adaptation.

Best Gameboy Advance Games | Sports

1. Mario Tennis Power Tour

Mario Power Tennis is one among the best GBA games in the sports genre. The gameplay mechanism is quite similar to any normal tennis game. However, its unique role play aspects differentiate Mario Tennis Power Tour from the rest. You will especially have fun playing the story mode.

Unlike shots like top-spin, slice-spin, etc, players can launch powerful offensive/defensive shots to counteract the opponent, thus affecting their concentration and power in-game. You can either choose a male/female character as the protagonist according to your preferences.

2. Mario Kart Super Circuit

best gba games download

This crazy kart game will turn your world upside down. Mario Kart Super Circuit is one among the top GBA games one could ask for. The game features different game modes like Mario GP, Time Trial, Quick Run, etc. The GP mode as you can guess allows you to compete in five different cups to become the world champion. Doing so also unlocks various racing tracks.

The Quick Run mode allows you to collect coins as you run quick-customizable laps. You can use shells or bananas to slow your opponents down. Contrary to their attack, you can activate your power-ups to render defensive maneuvers. You even get the privilege to speed up your kart by using coins.

3. All Star Baseball 2004

best gba games download

The moment when your fav pitcher completely sweeps out the opposition team is something marvelous. The aura generated from the team members, their synchronized gameplay and the energy of the fans, transform a normal sport into something far more beautiful.

Considered as one among the best GBA games, All Star Baseball 2004 will deliver you with a similar vibe. It will immerse you deeply into its franchise mode where you build, manage and take your team to the top. Your managerial skills will be actually tested as you make tough decisions to handle your franchise in a tight budget.

Performing well in the season lets your team avail more sponsorship contracts, better player transfers, better stadium infrastructure, more media attention and ultimately become a strong franchise.

4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4

In for some skating? Then the critically acclaimed Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 is the perfect atta-boy for you. Embark on a journey to become a pro skater in the career mode that offers you with challenging objectives. Learn and implement new combo moves, turn them into special moves, perform stunts and hence, experience something you have never seen before.

As your progress, unlock legendary characters like Mike Vallely,  a pro skater/wrestler, Eddie the Head from Iron Maiden and Jango from Star Wars. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 4 is one among the best GBA games that will hook you into its immersive gameplay.

5. SSX Tricky

best gba games of all time

Snowboarding locked and loaded, SSX Tricky is one among the best Gameboy Advance games you can ask for. Perform risky stunt in the steeps of Alaska and 8 other tracks in this mind-blowing sports thriller to experience snowboarding at its best.

The Practice Mode has been specially made to make beginners acquainted with the basics. The Freeride Mode is something similar but rather focuses on training players with unique tricks/combos which they can use to unlock various outfits. Players can win medals, exclusive gear/outfit and characters if they choose to compete in the World Circuit and Single Event mode respectively.

Have you heard about the popular simulation title, Steep by Ubisoft? Well, you have SSX Tricky, in this list of best gba games, that can give you some similar vibes!

6. International Superstar Soccer Advance

You must have heard the line, “Old is gold”. Well similarly, “retro soccer” has a genuine feel and specialty of its own. International Superstar Soccer Advance (ISS), is the best GBA soccer game that will make you feel nostalgic. You can create/edit teams, play sparring matches or compete with international teams in world cup/exhibition mode.

Oh! There’s a Superstar Mode too where you can take your own created team to glory, as you compete in leagues/cups, etc. This title is a boner and if you happen to be a soccer fan then ISS is one among the best GBA games for you.

7. GT Advance 2: Rally Racing

best gba games you never played

A critically acclaimed GBA game title, Rally Racing is considered as one among the best GBA racing games created so far. The game has different modes ranging from Time Trial to World Rally. In the World Rally mode, you get the privilege to race across fourteen different tracks in the world in order to climb to the top.

If you want to amp up your basics then you can try the Practice Mode. The most noteworthy Navigator feature, allows you to explore different maps in auto-drive mode. You just have to direct your vehicle in the right direction.

If you are looking for best GBA games, then you should definitely rally up on this one!

8. Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

best gba games download

In freestyle BMX games, you basically perform stunts and interesting challenges with your devil bike to complete various objectives. And Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2, is one among the best GBA games you can ask for in such type of genre. You can build your character in the story mode and earn experience points and exclusive upgrades as you progress.

This gameplay mode assigns you with a series of objectives like scoring 20000 points in a single run or performing 10 unique stunts. Apart from rest of the features, the most noteworthy, Park Editor enables you to create your own park. You simply need to put several objects/tracks to build an environment for your devil ride.

Best GBA Games | Puzzles

1. It’s Mr. Pants

It’s Mr. Pants! How hilarious the name sounds! In this GBA game, you basically need to insert blocks precisely to fit the patterns based on the color. Remember that blocks of the same color cannot be placed over each other but you can do so with different ones.

The objective is to eliminate all the patterns as soon as possible to complete each level. The further you progress the more tricky your game becomes.

One among the best GBA games of all time, It’s Mr. Pants, still, has the potential to defeat the likes of games like Candy Crush!

2. Turbo Turtle Adventure

best gba games of all time

Mr. Turbo Turtle is in trouble! He’s trapped in a maze consisting of tricky passages and dangerous traps. Your job is to guide him to escape from his predicament. This Gameboy Advance game requires a lot of patience as well as concentration.

Your puzzle solving skills will be rigorously tested as you progress through each and every level. The Turbo Boost feature will come in handy especially in critical scenarios where you need to flee from dangerous creatures/traps.

In order to unlock levels, you’ve to gain keys to pass through various doorways. And last but not the least, you really need to stay away from those super magnets!

Mr. Turbo Turtle, definitely, more than deserves to be on this very list of best gba games.

3. WarioWare: Twisted!

best gba games you never played

WarioWare: Twisted! is one among the hilarious GBA puzzle games one can ask for. The game was critically acclaimed for the implementation of ‘gyro-sensor‘. Players need to rotate their systems to complete a series of fast-paced objectives that last only for a few milliseconds.

Each and every level has been divided into several mini-games supplemented by comical scenes. So, how’s this a puzzle game? Well, you really need to have good mental reflexes to ace in WarioWare: Twisted!.

Surpassing each level unlocks various comical cut-scene and stages in the game. Undoubtedly, for it’s fast-paced brain teasing gameplay, WarioWare: Twisted! is one among the best Gameboy Advance games ever created.

4. Ultimate Brain Games

best gba games download

Ultimate Brain Games is a combination of various puzzle/strategy titles that you will be hooked into 24×7. The critically acclaimed title features around eight games namely, Chess, Dominoes, Checkers, Backgammon, Reversi, Battleship, Connect Four and Mahjong Solitaire.

So, it’s basically an 8-in-1 game offering you with a wide array of dynamic entertainment activities. Hence, gear up your brains if you are willing to give Ultimate Brain Games a try. Have fun playing one among the best gba games of all time!

5. Polarium Advance

best gba games of all time

Polarium Advance is a GBA game that requires your utmost patience and concentration. Your objective in the game is to match the successive tiles in a matrix accordingly to their color. You just need to flip them precisely, so as to complete the pattern and hence, eliminate all the tiles from the matrix.

Polarium Advance features two modes, namely, Stage and Time Attack. Daily Polarium, one among the three features of Stage Mode, assigns you with a Polarium challenge on a daily basis. Want a series of puzzles? Then the Polarium Reference will let you play all the challenges you’ve completed in Daily Polarium.

Also, if you want to create your own challenges to puzzle yourself then the Edit/Custom feature is at your service. But remember, the Time Attack is the real deal, for you’ve to race against time and complete your objectives. So, pretty much an interesting list of best GBA games, ain’t it?

6. Kuru Kuru Kururin

One among the best GBA puzzle games, Kuru Kuru Kururin takes you into the footsteps of Kururin tasked with the responsibility to find his lost brothers and sisters. The gameplay focuses on players guiding a rotating stick across topsy-turvy mazes.

So, if you happen to hit the boundaries by mistake, you’ll end up losing your life. There’s a Challenge Mode  to amp up your puzzle-solving hunger. Kuru Kuru Kururin, especially for its simple and engaging gameplay elements, is one among the best GBA games that we can never forget.

Best GBA Games | Real Time Strategy

1. Napoleon

One among the best Gameboy Advance games so far, Napoleon is a real-time strategy title based on the historical conquests of the great leader. In the epic battle against the British, you have to lead your army to victory and capture the enemy stronghold.

However, the game’s plotline slightly deviates from historical accuracy. So, along with bloodthirsty humans, you also have to face gigantic ogres and dangerous snow-apes!

2. Mech Platoon

best gba games download

Mech Platoon is a real-time strategy game where you have to utilize resources to build a base along with units. Those units primarily constitute “Mechs” that you will deploy in the battlefield to outmatch your opponent.

The game features mainly three types of resources, Laser Crystal, Material Rock and Energy Sand. Furthermore, there are various type of mech units you can unlock in the game. You can even customize them to suit your own needs. Especially relevant, each category of mech unit has its unique set of traits and abilities.

Without the shadow of doubt, Mech Platoon just more than deserves to be on the list of best GBA games that one can crave for.

3. Rebelstar: Tactical Command

best gba games download

A story-driven turn-based strategy gameRebelstar: Tactical Command, takes you into a version of Earth where the mankind has been defeated and enslaved by an alien race. In this game, you have to lead each and every unit of your squadron on the basis of turns. So, why it’s one among the best GBA games? Wasn’t that enough evidence for justification?

Consequently, as you progress and complete your objectives, your units keep earning xp that helps them to level up. Hence, this helps you to gain skill points which you can use to unlock various attributes and character traits.

As a result, you can upgrade certain abilities of your units to make them specialized in a particular weapon or attribute like medicine, stealth, combat, etc. You can also collect ammunition and important quest items from the dead body of your enemies.


4. Black Matrix Zero

best gba games download

What do you make of “Hell”? It’s an evil world overruled by nasty dominating creatures? There’s hatred? Won’t you find any peace? Well, in Black Matrix Zero, it’s rather completely different. Though human beings have a wrong idea about the devils, to be frank, black-winged people in the “Hell” happen to love mankind the most.

The fictional world of the game has been divided into three types of remnant namely, angels, humans, and devils. To your astonishment, you’ll play from the perspective of the black-winged creatures.

The critically acclaimed turn-based strategy has almost everything in store, a fantasy game should have. Furthermore, there is magic, conspiracy, drama and suspense you may have never seen before in any tactical strategy game so far. Hence, Black Matrix Zero is one among the best GBA games you never played.

5. Advance Wars

Advance Wars

Yet another title like Black Matrix Zero, Advance Wars is a universally acclaimed turn-based strategy game. You’ve to take the role of a commanding officer of Orange Star Army, a nation involved in all-out war amongst three other civilizations. The game offers an in-depth tutorial mode in the beginning of the story to get the players acquainted with the basics.

Your job is to build and lead your army against invading enemy troops on a grid-based map. Victory can be achieved by completing the special objectives, taking the control of enemy HQ or by eliminating their troops.

As you progress, you’ll start playing from the perspective of other commanding officers.This again leads to the branching of the quests that further affect the sequence of events in the story. However, it does not hamper the main campaign. This is actually one among the best Gameboy Advance games, anyone can ask for.

Hope you had a great time going through the above list of best GBA games. If you feel like we have missed an important game then you are most welcome to share with us.

Are GBA Consoles Still Available?

Yes, they are still available in various retail sites like eBay, Amazon, etc. for a hefty price definitely. After all, ‘Old is Gold’. The prices vary based on the version of GBA console you crave for.

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