20 Facts About Gaming That You Probably Didn’t Know

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Gaming has become an important part of our lives. It’s one among the most important sources of entertainment for the mankind. Well at the same time, most of the people have adopted this as a profession too and are making millions from it! But how much do we know about the weird and crazy gaming stuff happening around the world? Gamers, brace yourselves as we present you with some interesting facts about gaming.

Interesting Facts About Gaming

#1 Ever wondered about the first video game console? Well, it’s none other than Magnavox Odyssey that came out in 1972. Basically, its games were based on the behavioral pattern of two dynamic monochromatic dots. Their behavior could be changed by placing different game-mats on the screen. It’s one among the oldest facts about gaming that we could find.

video game facts you didn't know
Magnavox Odyssey, the first video-game console

#2 The global video games industry as of 2014, made a revenue of USD 81.5 billion. Apparently, this amount happens to be double the revenue of the global film industry in 2013. The 2015 estimated value of the gaming industry is reportedly, USD 91.5 billion.

#3 Are you familiar with the name, Nolan Ramsey North? Well, he’s the voice actor of the popular Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series. Apart from that, he has voiced famous gaming characters like  Desmond Miles in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Penguin in the Batman: Arkham games, David in The Last Of Us and Cap. Martin Walker from Spec Ops: The Line.

cool facts about gaming
Nolan North, the face behind many legendary gaming characters

#4 The popular Solid Snake from the Metal Gear franchise was heavily inspired by Snake Plissken in the movie “Escape From New York”.

video game facts for kids
Snake Plissken (Escape From New York)

#5 China has an unofficial “League Of Legends” themed restaurant named “Demacia”. You will basically find the waiters and waitresses cosplaying the popular characters from the title. In fact, all the dishes and drinks have been named after the items present in LoL. Customers can spend their time playing the game in the restaurant as well to earn some extra discount.

cool facts about gaming
League of Legends themed restaurant in China

#6 Neil Druckmann (Naughty Dog) once, mocked Valve on Twitter by requesting for a Half-Life license. Does that mean, we can expect a Half-Life 3 in the making?

funny facts about gaming

#7 The full form of GTX is actually Giga Texels Extreme, denoting the Nvidia cards especially optimized for gaming. Giga-texels is a unit to measure the texture filter rate.

#8 Nerdy Nummies is a popular YouTube channel that specializes in showcasing the preparation of bakes/cakes, ice-creams, etc. inspired by popular gaming titles.

#9 Propmaster Tony Swatton is widely known for his blacksmith work, mainly focused on the various signature weapons/items portrayed in popular gaming titles. He has a dedicated YouTube channel named “AWE me” that showcases his work. Woah! This is one among the most amazing video game facts that we’ve heard so far!

#10 You must be aware of the term cosplay, right? But do you know what’s crossplay? Well, it refers to the portrayal of a character belonging to the opposite sex. One among the hottest facts about gaming, eh?

cool facts about gaming
Professional cosplayer Jessica Nigri performing a crossplay on the Pirate-Assassin, Edward Kenway

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#11 Initially, Mario was named as Jumpman. Prior to the US release of the game, the staff members in the Nintendo US office were thinking of different possibilities to name the character. Coincidentally, the landlord of the building, Mario Segale, interrupted their discussion and hence, Super Mario was named after him. Lol! Without any doubt, this is one out of the weirdest yet unique facts about gaming in our opinion!

#12 Ratonhnhaké:ton a.k.a Connor (Assassin’s Creed III) was actually voiced by a Native-American, Noah Watts, a remnant of the Blackfeet Nation.

cool facts about gaming
Noah Watts

#13 According to a UK News Agency, an approximate 14% of working men called off sick just to play GTA V on the day of its launch. That would account for around 2 million men!

#14 Want a bite of the Seheron Fish Sandwich? Well, it’s a delicacy available in the video game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you really want a bite then why don’t make it yourself? Hence, for that, you need to thank The Geeky Chef who has a site dedicated to assist you in the preparation of dishes inspired by books, television, movies and games.

cool facts about gaming
Seheron Fish Sandwich, an interesting delicacy in Dragon Age: Inquisition [Image Credits: Geeky Chef]
#15 The Dragonborn from Skyrim actually exists and his name is Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer born in 11/11/11 to Eric and Megan. If you remember, the exact day happens to be the release date of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. So, Bethesda actually made a promise of heavily rewarding the couple that would name their young lad as Dovahkiin on the very particular day. And till date, the family has been receiving exclusive merchandise from the company itself! This is probably one among the most interesting facts about gaming. Don’t you agree?

video game facts for kids
Dovahkiin Tom Kellermeyer

#16 One among the most popular videogame easter eggs is the one that appears during the mission, “End Of The Road” in Hitman Absolution. If you shoot all the vultures in the vicinity then “Limp-Dick Lenny” would attempt to escape, only to be run over by an ice-cream truck! A toast to one among the most funniest facts about gaming!

surprising facts about video games

#17 Charles Martinet, the voice actor of Mario, has also acted as the voice for the mighty dragon “Paarthurnax” in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

surprising facts about video games
The mighty dragon, Paarthurnax in Skyrim

#18 Salt Lake City located in the state of Utah will soon be the home to the world’s first VR park. It will be named as,“The Void”, based on the same name as that of the franchise. According to the company, “Our technology allows us to create the illusion that the player is exploring miles of terrain or incredibly tall structures without ever leaving our game pod. The end result is a physical connection to the virtual world and a sense of exploration never before possible.”

#19 If you’ve played Fallout 4 then you must be aware of the location, “Diamond City”. Actually, the city has been built on a stadium. Prior to the nuclear incident/post-apocalyptic stage, this stadium was called as “Fenway Park” that was home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team.

Diamond City, a city built on a stadium, in Fallout 4
Diamond City, a city built on a stadium, in Fallout 4

#20 To honor the legendary Kratos from the God Of War series, a popular bartender channel on YouTube actually made a cocktail dedicated to him. The drink exactly portrays the signature red line that can be seen on the body of Kratos.

cool facts about gaming

Hope you had a great time going through our list of interesting facts about gaming. We would very much appreciate if you could help us collecting some more. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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