Online Banking In Danger : Cridex

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

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When you are buying stuffs from the Internet, you must have noticed that you get re-directed to the payment gateway. In other words you pay the necessary amount through your bank’s site where you fill up all your credentials to successfully do the payment. In this article you will know about the threat for Online Banking and also includes the preventive measures, tackling with the threat and so on.

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Well, its a really secure processes I must say. You get a 2-step authentication to prove that you are the real one who is using the payment card (debit cards and credit cards). So, these implementations from the bank’s side layers your protection level of your online payment.

There’s not an end to this here. The payment gateways use the HTTPS protocols with the highest level of encryption, or you may also call it as the TLS protocol which is the successor of HTTPS.

But now, beware ! !

cridex worm

There is someone who can actually steal your user ID and other credentials while you are being directed to the gateways.
Any high profile hacker ? ? No! It’s a goddamn WORM.

What Do we know about a Computer Worm ? ?

A Computer worm is a malware program which has the ability to replicate itself in order to spread at a wide scale and cause a greater damage ( or any other specific work programmed for ).
These are of various kinds. Some are useful while others are mostly harmful.

What’s the Name of This Worm ? ?

The worm has been termed as Cridex. It can be alternatively called as a deadly variant of Trojan. To be specific it’s a Trojan-Injection coded worm.

What Does Cridex Do ? ?

Cridex targets users of online banking and also users who authorize many accounts through Social Media sites or directly the Social Media Sites. When it enters to a computer it gets injected to the HTML pages of the user’s banking site or social media sites. After this it unknowingly re-directs the page to some fake site which the user thinks the same if he/she doesn’t notice the web address he just got re-directed to. And it gets your user ID and other credentials. Once the assailant has entry to this information, they can associate with the real bank site utilizing the exploited person’s IP address.

How Can You Stay Safe Against Cridex ? ?

1. Always keep your Computer’s Firewall ON.
2. Keep all the security software’s up-to-date along with the virus definitions.
3. Do not download free software’s without verifying the point of origin or its credibility in the Internet World.
4. Do not click on any link which acts as a click-bait unless you are sure of it’s security.
5. Recommended Anti-Virus programs are Quick Heal Total Security, System Mechanic Professional, Norton etc.

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How To Remove Worms Like Cridex ? ?

Well, if you think you are affected with this worm or similar to these then you should run a scan of your system for it.

If you have a Anti-Virus program having an Anti-Malware tool, then run a scan for it which will identify a potential credential stealing spyware, keylogger, backdoor etc
If you don’t have a tool for that then you should download the official Malicious Software Removing tool for Windows.

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