The GTA V PC Survey: Is the Game All Set to Create Another Record?

GTA fans, Rockstar has been testing our patience repeatedly but we are finally getting GTA V for PC on March 24 this year. There are millions and millions of people eagerly waiting for that day. After it’s launch for Xbox 360 and PS3, the title created history by earning $US 1 billion within three days. At present, around 45 million copies of the title have been shipped to retailers. So, what are your plans for celebration after getting this game? Will you be able to handle your excitement? If you are a true GTA fan, please share your opinion below:

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You must be aware that the game will exclusively feature first-person mode for PC. So, it will be like playing Far Cry 4 in a bit trendy world. You may watch the video below to see the first-person mode for yourself:

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gta v flying

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Just one more month gamers and GTA V will be all yours. Hope, you don’t have any exams during that time to ruin your gaming plans. Well, we don’t think that would be applicable for true GTA fans who are busy dreaming about this game.

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