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Last updated on October 8th, 2017

Hello readers, in this article you are going to find some detailed comparison between the Facebook and Google+, though there are many social media platforms but the majority of the users are limited to 2 to 4 social media platforms.

Every one of us must be having a Facebook or a Google+ account. There is no doubt about Facebook being a dominant player in the social media platform, but it has it’s disadvantages. Even Google+ has disadvantages that will be mentioned below.

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The History

Talking about the time of growth of both the social platforms we can see who may have the greater potential.

Facebook :

As you must have watched the movie “ The Social Network “, if you are a social media fan. And if you haven’t done, see it to know the Facebook’s story. Well, Facebook ( Founded by Mark Zuckerberg ) was launched in the year 2004 as students community site restricting access to limited universities. But as the popularity increased, Facebook became a worldwide social platform where anyone over 13 years of age can register for his/her account. And as years passed by, Facebook continued its growth to the present.

Google+ :

Google launched this service in the year 2011 after a repetitive failure stories which includes Google Buzz, Orkut, Google Wave and Google Friend Connect. So, Google+ was launched at a test mode with invites to special members taking into account the other failures. And after the test launch, user demanded more invitations to refer people and finally Google+ opened its way to all the people in the world. However, it is not functional in the mainland China because of the governments policies.

Benefits of Facebook

Considering you as a user of Facebook, it can be said that ” Facebook Has All The People You Look For “. If you go on counting the figures, there would be a less number of people who don’t have a Facebook account.

Then it comes to the wide range of advertising opportunities. If you have got a business and you want to attract customers among billions of users, you can easily advertise your business according to your budget to the targeted audience.

According to some arguments and expert opinions Facebook as a social media website has got the speed by which every normal user with a bad internet connectivity can use Facebook without any problem. For your information this is not our point of view, but it play a role in a majority of views on forums, discussions, groups and some magazines too.

You may have read the news on Facebook Vulnerabilities on our site. Those vulnerabilities are being found by the Cyber security researchers worldwide who get paid for it. If you are wondering why they are getting paid for it then you must know about a Bug Bounty program on Facebook. The concerned program opens it’s way to the hackers or security researcher to find the loopholes on their platform to help make it more secure day by day. And therefore they get paid for their contributions to keep the personal information on the Facebook safe.

For a layman internet user, Facebook may be an easy alternative than Google+ for being social on the network.

The Facebook page is a great way to advertise your brand or make a fan portal page. If you want yourself or your brand to get noticed by the people, you can make it possible by paying Facebook to attract fans or customers. That may depend on your amount of reach needed but Facebook is the only platform to provide you with this service. In the process they earn their part and you get the necessary exposure.

Also, the ability use apps and play games on the go is a good feature along with the event management system.

Well, that’s all for the main benefits of Facebook. Now, let’s move on to read about the disadvantages of Facebook.

Disadvantages of Facebook

With all the benefits you get on Facebook, there are other numerous disadvantages which are important for you to know.

As being a Spider-Man fan I had a line in my mind – “ With great power comes great responsibility “, written by Stan Lee. So, Facebook being a dominant player among the social media platforms ignored some of its responsibilities.

Spam clutter is the most dangerous thing on Facebook which is not being taken care of. Basically, to define it one may say repetitive advertising of a product, or violating terms of social networks and others. There are very few Facebook groups who take Spam seriously.

There are some groups meant for only spam or in other sense advertise and share among the members without getting reported to be a spammer. The presence of these spam doesn’t make a group or the news feed look clean for a user.

The reports sent on the basis of abusing are not taken care of, nor the user violating terms is punished in most of the cases.

There are automated software makers who make products to share one thing simultaneously to a large number of groups. This should have been made accessible by the Facebook legally from their side by introducing a bulk poster or sharer, which could have made the network more safer. ( Even Google+ is affected by the same )

A reader named Rocky contributed a statement for the above disadvantage – “ If Facebook or Google+ allows us to join multiple groups then why it doesn’t provide any feature to broadcast the status or message to the whole bunch of groups , that would be useful for many people “.

Now let us know about the Google+ platform.

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Benefits of Google+

The environment you get around the Google+ platform is cleaner compared to Facebook. One may not find all of his/her friends or relatives on Google+, but Google+ gives you the opportunity to explore new friends according to your interest.

Let’s have a view of one of our own authors on site, Sai Charan wrote – Well, to me it feels simpler than fb and it has always shows two columns, so more info displayed in the space which is always a good thing……the ability to have different circles is very handy as you can share info or posts with only those who you actually want to share with……

The Communities which are alike Facebook groups have more active members and people really interested in the specific category, along with strict moderators who make sure to clean spammers.

An user who wants to just being social without getting advertisements on his/her feed will be benefited by using Google+

If you want to have your own brand’s page, then Google+ will be good choice for you because it gives an easy verification process to verify your page as the official page of the brand.

Adding people to your circles is a new thought by Google which allows you to filter people according to their interests.

For a user concerned with the current affairs and quality information, Google+ will be a better spot to find the content you are looking for.

Google has also got a Bug Hunter program for security researchers. This give opportunities to security researchers to help them make a secure platform and also an income source.

Apart from the above things, Google+ is more SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) friendly. You might have seen some Google+ posts while searching something through the search engines. Google+ ensures more visibility on search engines majorly on its own search engine platform.

Reports are taken care of seriously. If you have violated any policies on Google+ then you will get the warning notice after logging in to Google+ and may be temporarily banned from using the services or in some cases to get permanently banned. This rarely happens on Facebook.

Disadvantages of Google+

With a clean environment and an informative platform, Google+ fails to give features to manage events or to play games on the platform itself.

You won’t find everyone you know on Google+.

For being a business oriented user the brand has to advertise manually to get exposure. In other words, Google+ lacks advertising opportunity. But this factor can be ignored when you get a better Search Engine visibility for your business.

Google+ performs a bit slower than Facebook on low-end devices. It may or may not be justified to include this point because in some low-end devices the interface lags ( especially on low-RAM desktops).

Final Thoughts

Well, what we observed is that both are best on their part. Google+ is better being a social media platform which is informative and gives opportunity to explore new people who have similar interests, which is difficult on Facebook. And to talk about Facebook, it is better on its part of providing features as a social media platform. It’s very hard to decide who is better. But there are two clear winners considering separate aspects of each.

For the result as considering the benefits we get Google+ is the winner.

Don’t forget to drop your comments below to continue the discussion further and let us know what you feel.


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