Android’s Affordability vs Apple’s Brand

Last updated on January 22nd, 2015

It’s the right time to discuss these things well when there is a heated up competition going on in the market. In this article you will find a detailed opinions and facts comparisons between the evergreen trending war between the Android’s Affordability and the Apple’s Brand.

If we move a few years back, then we can remember who were the dominating names like Nokia, Samsung and Apple. These were the brands who dominated others in the market. Well, for the present Nokia submerged into the Microsoft and other dominating brands include Apple, Microsoft, Samsung & Google. Here comes the scene where Google introduces an Android platform which is expected to compete with all the brands that were present at the scenario.

Few Words About Android :

Android is for the idealist who needs an executioner working framework. Android has the corona of Google. It has the forefront component that runs with it. If you ask anyone in the public, the first descriptive word about it which will come out our mind is “cost-effective platform“.

Few Words About the Apple’s Brand :

It has royalty in it. Apple is the first company to become worth $700 billion. It makes its users feel being a part of something royal. In a country like India, if someone’s got an iPhone then the people consider him/her to belong to a well-off family. This type of thought comes from the influence of Apple’s Brand power.

A Moment Please ! – An Interesting Thought :

android vs apple
Which one do you personally favor ? It should be the Apple or the Android. Have you ever given a thought in your mind, what will happen if a platform/brand comes with the mixed features of an Apple’s Brand and the Android’s affordability ? ? Well, due to the patent infringements that will be a difficult thing to become reality.

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But it will be really cool if that happens. That’s it for a crazy thought ! Now let us discuss the original thread with more details.

Android’s Affordability :

For the fact Android devices dominates the current market shares. The term “dominating” refers itself in two ways – 1. Android devices are cheap or 2. Android devices touched the major tech-savvy users heart.


When we say the Android devices are cheap, there is a huge misconception in the user psychology that the Android’s build quality is somewhat low. If a girl/boy invents something which is both useful and cheap, do you think you can be sure of its quality as “low” without experiencing it? ? I don’t think your answer would be yes, unless you are a blind person reading this.

The development in technology includes various types of inventions. It may be cheap or may be costly according to the resources used. But according to the price one cannot categorize or I should emphasis one should not categorize the tech being a low build product or a high-quality product.

It would be an interesting example to present before you which can help you understand the above thoughts more vividly. Let’s say you bought a Samsung smartphone 3 years back priced at $200. And now you spend another $200 after 3 years of technological evolution on a Samsung smartphone with a better set of features and improved quality. So, that proves any tech can be categorized into being a bad build or high-quality after experiencing it and considering the efficient use of available resources.

I guess that was enough to justify the Android’s affordability. Now let us move on to discuss about the Apple’s Brand.


Apple’s Brand :


Whenever we talk about a brand, there comes a word “loyalty”. Every brand has loyal customers who are psychologically attached to them. If someone says ” Your Smartphone, is a waste of money!” and you are a loyal customer of that product/brand, then you will feel like bringing in Big Show (WWE Star) to kick the one who just said it. To consider the build-quality of Apple’s product its obviously appreciable. But if we consider the economic conditions of the world, then it’s better to save some bucks.


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And that’s the reason why the people line up and wait to buy their iPhone’s after launch. The customers or users who are loyal to their brand are just crazy about the products the brand manufactures. Well, this is good in some extent. But if this exceeds the limit, like if a person is buying Blackberry smartphones from the past 2 years continuously when he/she has still a loads of better options. Then that person should be aware of being dumb. I just randomly included the above opinion, don’t consider it as a biased view. It’s your choice to realize what’s wrong and what’s right.

It’s not mentioned in here that you shouldn’t go for the Apple products but you should be free of any brand’s loyalty.

Final Thoughts :

When we compare the ” Android’s Affordability ” and the ” Apple’s Brand ” it looks like we talk about two separate things. But actually we realize some things that are interrelated among them and every reader must get a chance to see the front cover page and the last cover page before reading a book.

Hope you liked the article discussion. Want to extend this article by your thoughts ?  Why wait ? Write over your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.

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