Loss of Privacy Only Downside to Rise of Personal Tech

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

We are again back with a topic discussion based on stats. In this article you are going to find about the stats of usefulness of modern technology.

Current innovation has not just provided for us perpetual access to a wealth of data, it has additionally conceded us the capacity to interface with individuals on the opposite side of the planet at the touch of a finger and do numerous different things that appeared unimaginable several decades back. While these unlimited conceivable outcomes may appear overpowering on occasion, the wide accord among web clients is that innovation has changed practically all parts of life to improve things.

Internet users are increasing day by day. Every user who gets engaged with the tech news or latest technology trends he/she gets a glimpse of the future after knowing the present situation.

” There’s only one big drawback to the rise of personal technology that respondents from almost every country agree on: the loss of privacy that comes with its use. The many ways in which companies can collect information about us and our preferences these days would have been unthinkable a decade ago. And while it may sometimes seem like people don’t care about privacy anymore, it’s good to see that many are at least aware of what their giving up in return for that shiny new smartphone. ” ,wrote Felix Richter ( Data Journalist at Statista).

And at the present state of mind you must be thinking with the improved ways of modern technology, the privacy factor ( a major concern ) will reduce. And when you will get to know the stats about the impact of technology on us, you will be shocked !

Here it is :

Infographic: Loss of Privacy Only Downside to Rise of Personal Tech | Statista

Now Comes The Privacy Challenge :

According to the Microsoft’s survey out of the 12 countries, with India the only exception, mostly said about the negative impact of personal technology.
And if we look at all the developing countries and developed countries we find that mostly all internet users think the modern technology has the most negative impact on the Privacy.

Does any thought come to your mind ? ? Do agree the fact with the majority of users who said the modern technology has the most negative impact on “Privacy” ?
Share your opinions on the same at the comments section below.

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