O2Tunes (Media Transfer Software) : Review

Last updated on August 22nd, 2017

Hello readers, this article reviews the O2Tunes software ( Media Transfer software for iPhone, iPod, iPad ). Well, to be sane i would recommend you to pronounce it as – Oxygen’s molecular symbol O2 – not as Zero – two. Along with the review you will find the information for Giveaway registrations including a total 20 licenses.

Things are always related. As we can’t live without Oxygen, the Apple device users couldn’t stand a day without using this software to transfer Music or other Media files between their devices and computer.
The thought to relate it to Oxygen is not limited, the name suggests a better meaning too. And that says – One Software, 2 Angles, Transfer Unlimited Music. That’s what amoyshare describes it as.

As you read on we will give you a vivid review of this software so that you may think for a minute after reading it, whether to try it or not.

Why Should We Care To Review It ? ?

Well, for a thought you may have come up with ” What’s iTunes for ? ” But this software is known for its overall media transfer and backup solution. And it keeps you free from the hassles you encounter while using iTunes transfer process and lets you stay happy with your data synced with your computer which you choose to transfer.

Two-way Channel Ease

At the time of reviewing the product, what got the most attention from us ? ? It’s the mulch-facilitated product. In other words, if you like to transfer any media from your Apple device, you are just ONE-Click away to choose from the lists of all media present in your device or from your iTunes library.

It Has Got Your Back

What would happen if your device encounters with unexpected loss causing to loose all of your favorite music and media. All the time you spent on collecting those would just go useless. And here’s now when O2Tunes helps you being a back-up solution for all your media files. You can transfer files to any local folder of your computer or to your other devices(iPad, iPod) too.

The Interface

“Don’t judge the book by it’s cover”, a metaphorical phrase you may have come across. But in the case O2Tunes it is not applicable to be valid. The Interface is simple, elegant and cool. It’s neither too complex nor too simple. It’s a gentleman’s treat. Mentioning a woman too, to be bias-free. The interface can be described as “User-Friendly”.

Screenshot of The Interface

The Setup Conditions And Working

There is a little lay-low condition for the software to fail installing itself if you are with a computer running on .NET Framework version 3 or less. In other words, you need to have .NET Framework 4. Well, that’s not an issue, you can download it at size less than 70MB. After you get that done, you are smooth on your way to transfer unlimited music across Apple devices and the computer.

Final Thoughts

Overall it’s a great solution for transferring media files across Apple devices and the computer. It runs without any error. For the complete knowledge of it’s use you can refer the User Guides.

Now It’s Giveaway Time !

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