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Gaming Updates

Why You Shouldn’t Be Over-Hyped For Watch Dogs 2?

Just a couple of trailers have been out and gamers are already over-hyped for Watch Dogs 2. As they say, "Never judge a book...
best gba games

41 Best GBA Games: Best Gameboy Advance Games Worth Playing

Don't you feel nostalgic thinking about the games you played during your childhood? To be frank, those moments were precious. You earned them. They...

Unique Picks


Organizations Calling On Turkey To Respect Online Freedom

Some major organizations including EFF have come forward to sign an open letter to the government of Turkey. The open letter is meant to...
tech hack

8 Tech Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Hello, readers! Well, I'm not shouting out loud to you, but excited to share some interesting tech hacks or you could also consider these...
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