Nvidia DeepStream 5.0 SDK With YOLOv3 Running on Jetson Nano

So, what’s your take on deploying AI models for inferencing?

If it’s pretty much manual, then this Streaming Analytics Toolkit is at your disposal which brings all the essential processes associated with Computer Vision model deployments, video encode-decode, inference, data security, message broker, streaming, etc. under one roof.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

So, here, we made a video about it and here, we talk about the basics of creating your custom DeepStream app with YOLOv3. To help you with the jargons, we have also covered some basic information to provide you an overview of why you need DeepStream SDK.

DeepStream SDK is a Streaming Analytics Toolkit by Nvidia, tailor-made to cater to scalable ‘Deep Learning based Computer Vision apps’ across multiple platforms.

You can also refer to the official documentation to get started.

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