whatsapp for ios

WhatsApp is one of the most favorite instant messaging apps available for iOS. Most of the time when an update pops up at the App Store, it contains either bug fixes or security fixes.

This time we have three new significant feature updates:

whatsapp for ios

  • You can now add color filters to the media you select to be sent.
  • Swipe right on any of the messages in a conversation (Group / Single Chats) for a quick reply.
  • If someone sends multiple images in a row, they are grouped together as an album.

Well, to add the color filters, you need to first select the media that you want to send. After selecting the media, you just have to swipe up on the edit screen to access the color filters for the media you want to send. You can refer to the image above for better understanding.

Now, for the photos to be grouped as an album, it does not work with just two photos. If any of your contacts send you a couple of images (usually more than 3), they would be grouped as an album as seen in the image above.

To reply to an individual message, you required to tap on the message and then tap on “Reply“. With this new update, you just need to swipe right on the message for a quick reply to that individual message.

What do you think about this update? 

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