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Well, I’m sure Google Maps is better than Apple maps for navigation (In my opinion!). No matter how good or bad it already is – Google keeps on adding newer features to scale up the user experience on Google Maps for iOS.

In the recent update to Google Maps on the App Store, you get two new fundamental features:

  • Set a reminder to leave on time for Future trips
  • See a reminder about previous visits to a place in the place card (requires Location History)

The first one refers to remind you about a planned trip. For instance, if you have a scheduled trip or a visit, and you do not want to be late. With Google Maps integrated, you can now be reminded to leave on time for your planned trips.

The second is obviously an interactive feature aiming to let you get the most out of Google Maps. Whenever you navigate to a place, Google Maps would remind you about the previous visits (if any) with the help of your location history. It might be a good heads up for the things you missed to do the last time.

Here’s the option in action:

google maps ios

Do you think this feature would be of any help to you?

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