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Do you hate the official Reddit app for Android? Well, you’re in for a treat. Here, I shall list out some of the best Reddit clients available on the Play Store.

If you’re an Android enthusiast, you might be already aware of some options. Hence, I added a couple of new additions that only a few users know about.

Do note that I’ve listed a few Reddit apps which are ‘absolutely amazing’ in my opinion. If none of these satisfy your needs, feel free to tell me about it in the comments below!

Top Reddit Apps For Android

Note: The list is in no particular order of ranking.

An open-source Reddit client which is completely ad-free and doesn’t cost you anything. Infinity for Reddit is one of the best Reddit apps I’ve come across that’s built by a passionate University student. Kudos to the dev!

This is actually the newest addition to the family of Reddit apps for Android available on the Play Store. Surprisingly, I came to know about this on Reddit – what a coincidence!

If you want a clutter-free client for Reddit that offers a night theme and multi-account support, this is for you!

For someone looking for customization abilities and a feature-rich Reddit experience, I’d recommend this for you.

You get multi-account support, data saving mode, left-handed mode, view modes, split-screen support, and lot more features with this one. Definitely worth checking out!

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This is one of the most popular Reddit apps on the Play Store. You can do everything here – not limited to any features. In addition to dark themes, card view, slide gesture navigation mode, and lot more things – the app presents a material design theme which is easy to use and smooth.

Give this a try!

Yet another impressive Reddit client. Relay for reddit has been one of my personal favorites among all the the other Reddit apps available.

I find the UI to be simpler and easy to use. It features all the necessary options you will ever need – along with the dark mode, of course!

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If you are looking for a deal simple and fast Reddit app, this is your friend. I’ve used it in the past – and the UI is something pretty basic. You may not like this if you are a sucker for beautiful user experiences. In either case, it does the work you expect!

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