7 Kickass Netflix Alternatives in India

If you are someone who likes watching a lot of Movies and TV Shows, then the chances are that you already know about Netflix. For everyone else, we would like to tell you guys that Netflix is a media-services provider. It allows users to watch movies & TV shows online. In other words, it allows you to stream them right to your Smart TV, PS4, Xbox, PC, Mac, and smartphones. And, there are good Netflix alternatives in India- believe it or not.

But, why would you need an alternative to Netflix anyway?

Well, Netflix is not a free service. You need to opt-in for a paid subscription plan in order to use it.

So, if you are someone who watches a lot of Indian content, then you may not want to spend that much money on Netflix.

Fret not, as we have got you covered…

In this article, we have compiled a list of free and paid Netflix alternatives available for India.

Editor’s note: The subscription prices mentioned here might differ according to the bundled offers or cashback offers (if any – when you sign up).

Netflix Alternatives in India

Even though the list is in no particular order of ranking. We would suggest you to try all of them if you are a movie/tv show buff. In either case, take your pick!


  • Subscription Price: Free Or Paid (Rs 199 a month or Rs 999 a year)

Staring off the list of Netflix alternatives in India, we have Hotstar coming in at number one. It is a part of Star India, so you get to access all those TV Shows and movies straight on your Device. You can access a lot of Bollywood / Hindi content for free or opt in for a subscription to access premium stuff.

Users can watch Live TV, some movies and shows for completely free on the Hotstar. You can use this service on a variety of devices including PC, Android and iOS.

The only downside here is the fact that there is not a lot of international content for now. And, that might change soon – because Disney now owns it, technically.

Besides that, Hotstar app does a great job offering regular TV Shows, occasional movies and sports at a pretty reasonable price.

You can install it on: Android | iOS or visit their website.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video
  • Subscription Price: Rs 129 a month or Rs 999 a year

Coming up next on the list, we have a service offering from the World’s Largest Online Marketplace, Amazon. Yes, the Amazon Prime Video.

Well, this service has a lot of international content which makes it one of the best alternatives to Netflix.

Heck, it even offers a lot of regional movies regularly (especially -south Indian movies).

If you are someone who digs in a lot of local and International content, then this could be the perfect replacement to Netflix. Anyways, comparing it with Netflix, we can definitely say that the Prime Video is a good alternative for those who don’t wanna spend too much. It’s dirt cheap compared to it.

You can install it on: Android | iOS or visit their website.


  • Subscription Price: Rs 99 a month or Rs 999 a year

Zee5 is yet another impressive streaming service in India. As you might already know, it belongs to Zee networks (which is one of the biggest TV networks in India).

Similar to the Hotstar, the users can watch live channels of Zee network with the help of Zee5. Not only this, but they can also watch Zee TV Shows for free.

There are also some international content offering on the service. But we won’t really recommend you opt for Zee5 if you are looking for International content unless you are quite tight on your budget.

You can install it on: Android | iOS or visit their website.

Airtel TV

Airtel Tv
  • Subscription Price: Rs 99 a month or Rs 999 a year

Just in case if you don’t already know, Airtel also has a dedicated media service known as Airtel TV. This service by Airtel allows the users to watch over 350+ Live TV Channels. There are also over 10000+ amazing movies to watch on Airtel TV. You can also find some TV Shows and Originals.

Airtel TV also offers some regional content, so if you are someone who likes to view regional content, then you should check out the Airtel TV.

Editor’s note: In addition to all these, if you are on a postpaid plan (with Airtel), you will be able to access content from a variety of streaming services like Zee5, HOOQ, ALTBalaji, Hungama, and a few more available in India. So, do inquire about it with the network provider.

You can install it on: Android | iOS or visit their website.


  • Subscription Price: Rs 100 for 3 month or Rs 300 a year

Coming in at number 5, we have ALTBalaji on our list of Netflix Alternatives in India. Now, this service is not for those who want to watch International content. You can expect only Indian movies along with some exclusive series and some TV Shows.

You can install it on: Android | iOS or visit their website.

TVF Play

  • Subscription Price: Free

The Viral Fever or the TVF Play is another great Netflix alternative in India. You will find most of the originals here. So if you are someone who likes their original series, then you can opt-in for their subscription. If you are willing to watch International Content, then you should better stay away from this service.

You can install it on: Android | iOS or visit their website.


  • Subscription Price: Rs 99 for 1 month or Rs 499 a year

Finally, the last but not least, we have the SonyLIV app coming in at number 7 on the list. As you might have already guessed, the SonyLiv app offers all the content from the Sony network along with the ability to watch live TV. You can also find some Movies in here.

You can install it on: Android | iOS or visit their website.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know about the mentioned alternatives for Netflix. Which one would you go with?

For us, if we could pick a favorite from the list of Netflix alternatives – we’d probably go with Amazon Prime Video, for what it’s worth.

Do you prefer an affordable streaming service with decent content or are you willing to pay a premium for better content?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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