Microsoft’s Surface Laptop With Windows 10 S: Chromebook Killer?

Last updated on August 12th, 2017

Ahead of its rumored launch, Evan Blass shared a couple of images which presented the new Microsoft Surface laptop running Windows 10 S.

microsoft surfaceWell, Windows 10 S isn’t official yet. However, it is believed to be a “scrapped-off” version of Windows 10 operating system to act as a lite version for the hardware (Tablets/Laptops) tailored for Education (or simply – mild usage). Some analysts suggest that Microsoft’s Windows 10 S will be restricted to the apps found on the Windows Store – meaning – you can’t download and install EXE files explicitly.

Of course, just like Chrome OS, Microsoft seems to be focusing on the Internet-hungry users those who do pretty much everything on their browsers.

microsoft surface
With this move, Microsoft aims to compete with the Chromebook that’s widely utilized for Education in the US. So, in a nutshell, Microsoft’s Windows 10 S could act as a replacement for Chromebook by empowering users with the flexibility and compatibility of Windows OS but with Chromebook-like performance and battery life optimized. Microsoft’s EDU (May Event) later today may take the wraps off the leaked Surface Laptop.

What do you think about the new Microsoft Surface Laptop running on Windows 10 S?

Would you opt for it over Chromebooks?

Let us know in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Surface Laptop With Windows 10 S: Chromebook Killer?”

  1. Amlan Kumar Acharya

    How much popular is Chromebook in India????? I hardly see any….

  2. Unfortunately, the availability of Chromebooks is the only reason behind it. Considering the US, it is trending – it outsold macs for the first time.

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