Homefront The Revolution: What And Why You Need To Know About APEX Corp.?

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Last time we talked about Homefront: The Revolution was regarding how cool it was in its unique open-world fps approach. Well, this time we gotta tell you how exciting the new promotional of the game is, describing the history of the world in the past fifty years with fictional events highlighting the rise of Korea as a global superpower.  We do get a little idea of how US is colonized by Korean forces, all thanks to the Korean Tech Giant- ‘APEX’. Wait! Correction…it’s rather a global conglomerate virtually ruling the world in the fields of technology, military and scientific research. Here’s an APEX promotional video below that you can enjoy watching.

“APEX- OUR PAST, YOUR FUTURE”, that’s the tagline you see along with the logo of the company that’s monopolizing the entire world. Interesting though…everything started from the ‘APEX I’, an indirect reference to Apple’s first computer, ‘Apple I’. The major difference is, it was made on Korean soil instead of the US. Then there comes the ‘Apex II’ followed by A-phone 9X (lol…iPhone) and A-Pad. Well, personally speaking, I think those are really some cool brand names. You can learn more about the history and growth of world along with APEX by referring this link- ApexHistory.

Homefront – The revolution timeline

The APEX promotional site explains everything about the world events starting from the end of Korean War in 1953 to the present day in 2029. Yes, the US didn’t create the ‘Internet’….Korea did. Wait, what? In addition to textual info integrated with images, you also get some interesting audio as well as video clips to watch. So, you get to know about an alternate history about the world and to be frank, it’s really good enough to explain the rise of Korea as a global superpower and the nation’s intervention on the American soil, as well. Gotta say, APEX is really evil, with people blinded by the corporation’s tech ads, making its true motives hidden.

Homefront- The first title in the series

Well, let’s talk something serious. Did you know that the prequel of Homefront: The Revolution was banned in North Korea for the portrayal of the nation in a negative way? Well, this time though the publishers as well as the devs have done their math and chose a unique way to represent Korea and its achievements (maybe fictional) in an alternate timeline. In other words, this promotional is more like a tactical marketing approach optimized to gain the attention of the public, with no opposition to their campaign on the other end. That’s really a bold move by Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver.


Homefront: The Revolution will be out for PS4, Xbox One and PC by 17th May. Stay tuned for more updates.

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