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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

In today’s world, music is what makes any dynamic content richer and mesmerizing. We fall in love with a lot of songs. Let’s say you’re in Italy and at the hotel (you’re staying there!) you hear a beautiful tune (a popular Italian tune) in the morning. And, surprisingly that wasn’t any music player responsible but a human. But, you don’t know him nor you can understand what he says and yet you fell in love with the song!! What next?  Say what? Would you work your tail off just to find someone who can translate and have a conversation with the singer? That would be a waste of time. And, if you can’t understand the language, there’s a slim chance you’ll be remembering the lyrics of that song.

You would just need an Internet connection to know what that song was. Yes, Google Play Store and the Apple app store offers a lot of free apps to help identify songs. Also, you get the music recognition services for Mac and Windows platform as well. So that you won’t have to make a cliffhanger expression – What song is this?  If you have an Internet connection and were struggling to find out the amazing song whose lyrics isn’t known to you, consider yourself to be lucky enough reading this article because we’ll be listing out the best five apps which help millions of users to identify songs.


shazam - what song is thisDo you know what it is already? Even if you don’t know what it does, I’m sure you must have at least heard about it. It’s the most loved mobile app that helps to recognize almost any song and TV around you. It has the largest database of songs from extremely popular songs to least popular. Of course, you won’t find “everything” through it. But, if you want to use a music recognition service which would help you find the accurate details of a song, that would be Shazam. Although, audio recognition services aren’t free but Shazam offers to identify 5 songs a month for free and if you’re going to opt-in for $4.99 per month you’ll be able to identify songs without any limit. It’s a cross-platform audio recognition service available for Mac, Android, Windows, iOS, Blackberry and classic Nokia devices as well (but I doubt you own those devices now!)

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SoundHound Music Search

soundhound - identify song - what song is thisSounds familiar? Soundhound recently made the tech crowd go nuts when they introduced a voice search app to take on Siri. It was impressive but needs serious development to assist the mobile device users. SounHound music search is also a popular music search app available for Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows. It’s an immersive service with LiveLyrics feature. It is completely free but supported by banner advertisements.

If you want it clean and ad-free you can upgrade to SoundHound infinity at just $5.99 (one-time charge).


what song is this - midomi - music recognition serviceDon’t have the source of that specific song? Nor is it playing anywhere near? But, dang! You remember how the tune goes like. If you’re still having the tune on your mind, you can use this music recognition service in order find that lovely song.

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You’ll just have to hum that song for at least 10 seconds using the web interface it provides online and it will help you find the song. Make sure you don’t use the service in a crowded place (for instance a party house!). It can’t identify the song then. So, make sure there’s no loud background noise present. It’s just a different free web app offered by SoundHound.


WatZatSong - what song is this - music recognition serviceIt’s not actually an app. But, a community-driven audio recognition service which helps to identify songs with the help of humans. You’ll have to upload a sample of the song you need to identify and the community members would help you find the exact information about that. In short, you just need to go and ask “What song is this?”.

It’s sometimes more useful than automated systems in finding a song that isn’t in Shazam’s database but on a human’s mind.


audiotag - what song is thisIf you’ve got a short recorded clip of the song you want to search for. This service will help you identify the song. You need to upload it to the site and wait for its match with its music database. Its database isn’t that huge. But, it might do wonders!
And, when you don’t have an Internet connection these services would help you along when you go online with the recorded portion of the song on your device.

Well, that’s the end of the list. If we take a look at the listicle, you’ve got both web apps and mobile apps for music recognition. Want to pay for the best recognition service? Shazam! Don’t want to pay a single penny? SoundHound Music search will help you along. Still not getting the details of the song? Then you’ve no option but trying each of the above-mentioned services.

If you happen to know some amazing music recognition services which we may have missed, do let us know in the comments section below. We’ll add it to the list if it’s that good!

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