12 Best Android Browsers That You Should Be Using

Last updated on August 6th, 2018

There’s always a search for one of the best android browsers to meet our web experience requirement. Some would opt for a powerful browser with a lot of add-ons and on the other side there’s a need for the best-optimized data saving browser. Well, again one would also want a browser to be simply a “browser” without any fancy unnecessary features. So, there’s a bunch of things which users do look for when searching about the best Android browsers.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the best browsers for Android which you would love using on your smartphone to enhance your web experience.

Best Android Browsers That You Should Be Using

#1 Dolphin Browser

dolphin browser
Dolphin Browser – Best Android Browsers

An impressive browser which takes care of most of the things a user wants (i.e fast and feature-rich as well). It supports various add-ons and lets you select from a wide range of themes to decorate your web browser. You would find gesture and voice control feature baked in as well.

It’s quite fast with a rich user interface along with the classic support for flash player. There’s a possible chance where we can call it as an “All-in-One” browser.

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#2 Google Chrome Beta

google chrome beta

The best browser for PC won’t be necessarily the best browser on Android. Not for all at least. Chrome for Android is fast, fluid and beneficial for users with metered data connection. It also supports syncing bookmarks, history, and other required data across multiple devices.

However, it suffers from a lot of crashes and stutters while switching/creating new tabs (depends on the device but absolutely not suitable for low-end devices). Also, it doesn’t support add-ons. But, being the beta version, it’s almost the same, packed with a little more extra features which you won’t find in the stable version. It’s sometimes exciting to use them and sometimes annoying (that’s the reason its called beta!). So, if you’re not up for it, you can use the stable version of Google Chrome for Android.

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#3 Opera Browser

opera browser
Opera Browser – Best Android Browsers

It’s the best browser one can get to save every inch of data possible while browsing the web. The user interface can’t be appreciated much but it’s good enough.

It supports syncing online activities (bookmarks, history, passwords etc) across multiple devices. And, as we know that Opera browser is also available for PC. So, if you want your PC browsing activity to be in sync with your Android device, this should be the one for you.

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#4 CM Browser / APUS Browser

cm browserIf you were looking for a compact browser which takes fewer resources and is fast enough then CM Browser should be it. The user interface is quite appreciable and supports features like “Do Not Track”, “Fraud Protection” and others.

But some of the users feel that Cheetah Mobile products collect their information anonymously. So, if you’re one of them, you have an alternative to CM Browser, that’s APUS browser. It is compact and fast as well. Well, its data-saving technology isn’t as good as Opera browser. But, it’s something you can live with if you don’t like Opera’s UI.

Download Now (Play Store) | Download Now (APUS-Play Store)

#5 Dolphin Zero 

dolphin incognitoZero? Well, if you love private browsing, then there’s nothing you should try except this one. It is one of the best Android browsers that require very few resources to run properly. 525 KB – That’s the size of this app. Even if you’re still on the 2nd Generation (2G) Internet network, you can still download it with ease.

There’s no option present within the application except the navigate buttons and an option to direct you to download the complete Dolphin browser. Well, you don’t need to delete the history, cookies, form data regularly because it won’t even save it for a while. Let’s hope that the developers make it even more interesting in the near future.

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#6 Brave – Link Bubble

Link Bubble – Best Android Browsers

Familiar with the chat heads on Facebook messenger? Well, it’s the same thing. You can click on any link and let the website load in the background. The bubble will let you know when it’s done loading. It saves time and also enables multi-tasking at the same time, like for instance, you are talking to your dear girlfriend/boyfriend and also want to refer a website for some lovely greeting messages. So with this, you can do that at the same time without switching to another app or browser.

It saves time and also enables multi-tasking at the same time, like for instance, you are talking to your dear girlfriend/boyfriend and also want to refer a website for some lovely greeting messages. So with this, you can do that at the same time without switching to another app or browser.

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#7 Ghostery

ghostery browser - android browsersIt’s a cute little browser of mere 1.5 MB of size. It is an extremely light-weight browser (needs less storage) for anyone with a low-end device dying to get a fast, responsive and private mobile browser. It lets you enable blocking which prevents active tracking elements. It makes your browsing experience faster and secure as well at the same time. On the off chance, if you don’t know about the important trackers, preventing them would make the site inaccessible to you or it would break the functionality of the website giving you an annoying web experience.

There was no update released at the Play Store for a while when one of our readers notified us to add it to the list. However, we updated the list as soon as we saw the developer team pushing a recent update to the browser. The UI seems fair according to the original package size. Undoubtedly, the browser is resource-friendly. Once known about the trackers, you would keep using this browser for long.

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#8 Mozilla Firefox

mozilla firefox - android browsersIt’s yet another popular Android browser. However, it seems to be going out of the race soon enough if the developers don’t come up with the support for advanced website elements. In our case, the website menu seems not to work properly when viewed with Mozilla Firefox. But, when viewed from other browsers, our website works just fine. To conclude then, we observe Mozilla for Android isn’t supporting much of the modern web elements.

If you’re browsing sites or blogs which do not implement any modern web elements, you should be just fine. However, similar sites like us would not work well on Mozilla Firefox because we have some modern web elements. In contrast, it provides useful add-ons to speed up the web experience. Add-ons like Ghostery, AdBlocker, and others can be found for Mozilla Firefox.

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#9 Maxthon Web Browser

maxthon web browser - best android browsers
Maxthon Web Browser – Best Android Browsers

It’s another impressive browser for Android. It’s simple and fast. It also provides an option to utilize the Adblocker if you don’t want annoying ads to ruin your web experience.

It’s a cool and compact browser indeed. You have got some quick-action options to utilize some of the advanced features as well. For instance- you can click and hold to load up a web page in the background while you finish reading the current. It’s more like pre-loading a web page and saving your time. It’s a light browser with the package size 11 MB in size.

#10 RSBrower

rsbrowser - best android browsersIt’s based on the Chromium browser for mobile. It’s not an all-in-one browser you’d expect. But, if you were searching for a replacement to Google Chrome, this might be the one you should be considering.

In either case, you should have a device running on a Snapdragon chip. It’s meant to provide a Chrome-like experience on Snapdragon-powered devices. It won’t be wrong to call it as a “mod” chrome version. The reason – it isn’t as simple as Chrome. It supports various other power features as an Adblocker, Privacy Badger, and the traditional Google sync exists as well. One of our readers put the request in the comments section below and we found it to be good enough. However, we could expect the package size to be smaller in the near future.

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#11 Puffin Browser

puffin web browser - best android browsersIt’s one of the best Android browsers focusing on providing a lightning fast web experience. There’s not much of features present here. But, it does support the latest Adobe flash player over the cloud.

Unlike other browsers, it claims that you can safely browse the web even on a Public Wi-Fi network. It encrypts all the traffic between the Puffin browser to the Puffin server. That’s a possible reason why it has been blocked in countries like China, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. It also saves a lot of your bandwidth while normal browsing excluding when streaming videos and high-quality dynamic content.

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#12 Next Browser

next browser - best android browsersIt’s the one we had no interest to try. It was probably because we knew that it would take a lot of resources to work (Go Dev apps usually do that!). Well, it’s no different scene here. The Next browser requires more than 200 MB RAM. If you’re having a device with a lot of RAM, let’s say like – 6 Gigs or 4 Gigs of RAM, it would come handy on your device. Alternatively, if you have fewer apps on your device, even with 2 Gigs of RAM, we would definitely recommend using it.

The browser offers an immersive mode which would enhance your web experience. The web experience is smooth enough and it also offers powerful add-ons (like – Evernote clipper, QR Code, Screenshot, Pocket and so on). Also, if you’re looking around for the best Android browsers to save your bandwidth, you can use the “no image” mode. The feature disables loading up of images and dynamic content which saves you a lot of data. However, it works only when you connect through a mobile data network.

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Summing Up

These are some of the best Android browsers that suit most of the devices. Also, some of the mentioned browsers like RSbrowser and ghostery can prove as a useful addition to your low-end devices. If you have a good performing device – Chrome Beta, Dolphin browser, and the brave browser would be an interesting addition to the device. Dolphin Zero also acts as the best alternative if you don’t want to leave traces to your browsing activity. It’s the lightest browser in the list as well.

Did you think of choosing the right one for yourself? Do you know any of the new Android browsers that would blow our mind? Let us know in the comments section if we missed any of the deserving top Android browsers.

13 thoughts on “12 Best Android Browsers That You Should Be Using”

  1. don’t know why you didn’t mention Ghostery and Firefox? I use both and like them for what they do!

  2. Looks like we’ve to increase the number of browsers. Thanks. I’ll update the article with your favorite browsers soon enough.

  3. Thanks for informing about that. I’ll update the list with some of your favorite browsers soon enough 🙂

  4. Didn’t see that coming. Will check it out and update the list soon 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Well, I’ve included Zero browser instead of ghostery. Regularly updated by the developers and a very light browser as well.

  6. There’s a new Android browser on the block and it’s pretty cool, if I do say so myself. (My wife and I are the creators). It’s name is Surfy Browser http://www.surfybrowser.com
    and it was recently app of the week on Gizmodo UK.

    It has a passcode and fingerprint lock for launching the app and for individual bookmarks. You can save a session to a lockable tile and have private browsing automatically switched on. It has an ad blocker. It has text-to-speech, so you can listen to pages while browsing or using other apps.
    It has real swipable tabs, mobile optimizer.
    It’s more customizable than other browsers; with 21 thousand color variations, you can set the color of the tabs, application bar, and accent; and even set the background to your favourite photo. There are too many features to list, but here are a few more:
    Save Passwords and Logins
    ✔ Desktop mode
    ✔ Multiple search providers: Google Bing DuckDuckGo Yahoo! Baidu
    ✔ Searchable history
    ✔ Clear cookies and cache with history.
    ✔ Set desktop or reading mode for individual tabs
    ✔ Share pages via Email SMS, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & NFC
    ✔ Night dimmer
    ✔ Save images & open links via context menu
    ✔ Find on Page
    ✔ Customize tabs and application bar colors
    ✔ Pin pages to the Launch Pad

    Also, we’re a mum and dad operation, not a big company that’s going to sell your data.

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