Far Cry 4: Watch the hilarious new trailer

-“Welcome to my Church! Away from Church!!! There is much to do in Kyrat and I’ll provide you with the tool you need to complete your righteous work!”

By now you might have already guessed that the above dialogue must have been spoken by an arms dealer, actually your guess is correct. The new Far Cry 4 is so hilarious that you will be rolling on the floor laughing πŸ˜† . This trailer mainly describes the weapons that can be used in this game, thanks to the efforts of a sarcastic and funny local arms dealer. The background music in the trailer along with the local dealer giving directions to use specific weapons for specific purposes is so comical that it will definitely make your day.


Weapons like Vector .45 ACP, MG42, Mortars, P4 16, Flamethrower and the Auto-Crossbow will be available at your disposal. But that’s not all because-“As a new warrior to Kyrat, you must acquire a ‘Kukri’.This traditional blade will be your saviour in close-combat situations.” I mean seriously…’Kukri’? This name sounds so funny itself and when that joker arms dealer says that…you can’t even control your laughter. πŸ˜†

The Auto-Crossbow in Far Cry 4
The Auto-Crossbow in Far Cry 4


“Ofcourse all creatures have divine purpose! And bait will lead them down their true path!”. That means what this funny arms dealer wants to say is….you can use the dangerous creatures in Kyrat like tiger to your advantage. Now, how is that possible? It’s simple. You just need a bait like a meat-loaf to throw it at your target. So that automatically, any tiger in the vicinity will be attracted to the bait and ultimately you know what will happen. Your target will turn into a dead-body.

“You must strive to be a lion! Not a lion! And a lion needs teeth.” πŸ˜† You can only understand the sarcasm if you see the trailer below for yourself. Far Cry 4 will be out for Ps4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC on November 18 this year.

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