What makes Smartphone Faster ? RAM or Processor??

Last updated on July 9th, 2015

Well,this is an interesting thing to ponder about that what makes our Smartphone the so called – “Beasts” or “Toys” which we use to do various types of activities like using Facebook,taking pictures and lot more activities.

Before you get to know about the primary thing which makes your smartphone faster , you should swa brief note in your mind what basically a RAM and a processor is.

What a RAM is ?

RAM(Random-Access-Memory) is simply a unit where any running app or task is saved to memory .

What a Processor is ?

Processor is a unit which takes input orders to start and run an activity.

Now you have known what the main function of these two are.

Let’s continue the quest to find the ultimate answer !


What happens in the case of RAM ?

In the latest smartphones 512 mb to 256 mb RAM is the lowest range.It doesn’t mean that your smartphone won’t work but you cannot expect a smooth multitasking in this RAM memory specification.After the RAM fills up to high extent your phone will lag if it requires more RAM i.e You cannot use heavy apps on your smartphone with that much RAM.

There is always a conflict between the fans of different OS powered phones that Android takes too much of RAM that’s why it needs more RAM but nothing like that exists . In practical world the OS only consumes varying amount of RAM . Apps prove to be the same , you can run two High-End games with both minimised and all other background apps running at the same moment with a 3GB RAM only. You can’t even imagine this type of multi tasking smooth experience with a 1GB RAM irrespective of it’s OS,be it Android,Windows&iOS.Although 1 GB RAM is very good but here i compared it to a 3 GB RAM so pointed it out as not so good.


What about the Processor ?

Processor is the lover of RAM,it processes more smoothly if it gets a good combination of RAM for it. Say if you opened the Facebook Messenger app,your smartphone will not lag if you still have enough free RAM.But users who have comparatively less RAM free which makes processing slow resulting to lag.

So which one is more Important ?

Processor without a RAM will be useless and a RAM without a processor will be useless too,but RAM has a major impact on the output which the processor tries to give the user.

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  1. So How much RAM and PROCESSOR will you consider for 1high-fi game minimised and facebook messenger, whatsapp, and hike running in background ?

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