Can Micromax defeat the TopDogs of Consumer Electronics in India ? ?



We know there are several giants or we can call them as ” Top Dogs ” in India in Consumer Electronics especially in TV production.

Now-a-days LEDs are in great demand because it offers more durability than the LCD’s which were popular earlier but still running successfully now.

Choosing a LED rather than LCD will be my suggestion.We get many benefits like more accurate colors, better power saving , suitable contrast to make it real and at last it has more durability.

Companies like Sony,Samsung,LG and Panasonic’s are the best in class currently of consumer electronic goods , whose products are in great demand.

Current TV product sales with respect to companies rank :

Let’s look at the Top 4 TV manufacturers in India

1. Sony  : At the top position sits Sony , who offers pristine quality and accurate sound quality for the best experience.

2.Samsung : Samsung also dominates other companies by it’s good build quality and features .

3.LG : An innovative company using unique ideas to attract buyers.

4.Panasonic : Adding Eco-Friendly property to every product Panasonic also fighting to increase it’s rank.


Micromax ! ! Can it go through these companies to become the TopDog also in TV productions ? ?

In the Micromax logo which you just saw in the pictures above symbolises currently that it is punching other non-indian companies out of it’s home country,funny isn’t it? But the current situation seems like that,so it obviously has got some potential in it.

Like Micromax defeated Samsung and became the King of smartphone sales in India , in the same way can it defeat these mentioned above companies ? ? Well, if we predict the future we cannot say anything accurately .

But Yes, Micromax has the concept in it which may help it to become the best TV manufacturer in India. The concept which lies behind Micromax is – making products cost effective . And that is the main thing of a good company.If a company tries to manufacture maximum budget friendly products then consumers will get attracted obviously.In the case of High-End products it is impossible to provide those facilities in less price. But it is sure that when technology advances more,then a product which was highly priced will get a low price tag.

What Micromax LEDs have which have the potential to withstand other top companies ? ?

Micromax has recently advertised the GRANDE series LED TVs.In that series all the TVs which will be manufactured will range from 20 inch to 50 inch display size.

The GRANDE series will deliver optimum performance including the sound and color quality.
The main factor by which it will steal a buyer’s heart is that it is going to be affordable way than ever imagined.

it seems that :

India’s mobile game-changer is set to revolutionize Televisions.

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