11 Reasons Why iOS is becoming more like an iDroid

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

*Note: iDroid simply describes – ” More like Android ”

Well, recently Apple announced iOS 9 which comes with great many features. However, this time CNET, again noticed that some of the new features were already present on Android for years. And, I believe that iOS can be called out more like an iDroid ( becoming similar to Android ).

In this article, we will discuss about it and reach a conclusion with the final verdict on this thought.

At present, we have iOS 9, being v8.3 known for some serious bugs and 8.4 being the latest until yesterday. Let’s discuss what makes them more like Android and whether it is justified or not.

Reasons to justify that iOS is becoming more like Android

#1  iCloud Photo Library Improvements

Well, do you know why any mobile Operating System introduces new features? There are two possible reasons for this. One is, to just try to compete with the rival and another is to evolve its OS (includes only unique features). This time iOS seems to stick mostly with the first reason, to take on its rivals.

Android has Google+ which can automatically sync all the photo to your account. There’s no limit to the cloud space allotted to a user. But prior to the release of iOS 8, the prequel version allowed only 1000 photos per 30 days, which was not so impressive with Apple being the most royal company.

And, it finally allowed 5 GB of free space without any monthly restrictions. Well, it cannot be counted as one of the justified reasons, but this is one among the features introduced on iOS which was present in Android before.

#2  iCloud Drive or NFC

This is definitely worth mentioning. Android offers Google Drive with 15 GB of free storage along with an offer to earn 20 GB of free space by referring the service successfully. And iOS introduced the iCloud Drive feature later with the release of iOS 8. This feature was also available on Android. So, it can also be counted as another step to become an iDroid.

To be honest, you might be thinking that what’s the big deal in it ? If Google has Google Drive, Microsoft as One Drive then, why can’t Apple re brand iCloud as iCloud Drive? So, if you think the same, then consider the NFC connectivity support. NFC support came along with the release of iPhone 6, where Android phones have had NFC enabled for years on numerous devices.

#3  Third-Party Keyboard App support 


Well, this is huge! For years iOS didn’t support the third-party keyboard apps and quick-type technology. But, with iOS 8, it introduced the quick-type or predictive typing along with third-party keyboard app support.

And, as we know, Android had these features for years.

#4 Interactive Notifications

With iOS 8 and further releases, you can directly interact with the notifications without opening any app. This was first introduced on Android to make the platform more user friendly. However, Apple had to add the same feature on iOS to survive the competition from Android.

#5 App Testing

Last year, Apple acquired a startup company Burstly, which tests app and analyses it to help developers decide whether the app is ready to go public or not. Hence the company, launched Test Flight to allow developers to invite users to test their app before they upload it in the app store. However, Android had been into Beta testing for years before Apple even thought to acquire Burstly.

#6 Improved App Store with App Previews 

Android app developers already had the ability to upload the demo video of their app. But, iOS developers were not blessed with the same feature until iOS 8 was launched.

#7 Interaction with Siri – “Hey Siri”

iOS 9

There was a feature incorporated on Android 4.4, “OK! Google”. You just say those couple of words and Google Now is at your service. Similarly, Microsoft highly admired this feature and implemented, “Hey! Cortana”. So, Microsoft rebranded (modified) and implemented this feature. But, Apple simply replaced “Cortana” with “Hey! Siri”. It’s like you admire Angelina Jolie and tell your girlfriend to become the same for you 😉

Do you agree with these reasons? If not, we have got four more reasons which got included just after Apple announced iOS 9 features.

Next Page……. 4 features introduced on iOS 9 which makes it more like an iDroid

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