5 things we should expect from Watch_Dogs 2

Watch_Dogs 2 is already in development. This news was confirmed officially from Ubisoft, more than a month ago. If you have missed it, you may click here to go through the topic. Watch_Dogs was a good game but not upto the mark due to some gaps that were not taken care of. These holes need to be filled up while developing the sequel, so that we might see something more elegant as well as legendary. Here is a list of points, which we think Ubisoft needs to focus on deeply while gearing up Watch_Dogs 2:


Ubisoft pulled of a very nice job developing an IP. The gameplay was decent but what was missing in Watch_Dogs was an effective storyline.  In other words the game could not sync properly with the story. The setting was good. They chose Chicago, a tech savvy city where organized crime pre-dominates in the underworld. Yet, the plot almost felt like it completely lacked punch. Ubi could have done many things to define the story properly but some things were not necessary and irrelevant. For instance, Claire Lyle, the cunning lady hacker, did not have to die. If you have played the game then you must have been through a scene where Aiden unlocks his focus skills at  his max ability and ruthlessly kills multiple goons at the same time successfully, in order to save Claire but what was the use? In the end she dies. So, it almost feels pointless. Similarly, the characters could not connect with each other properly and hence, there were many holes in the plot.

The sequel could do better with a storyline that matches and syncs with the game properly.



You’re a liar. I know the truth. I know how you think.  I see additional shadows you cast. You can’t hide from me. I am going to find you and expose you to the world…”

That’s Aiden Pearce, the Vigilante for you. A 38 year old ex-military and a powerful hacker, Aiden had a lot of potential. He was fighting for a cause but to be frank not even for a bit in the story, the game could not portray him as a ‘heroic vigilante’. Yes, he needed some more heroism that could have defined him as an interesting protagonist. But Ubisoft was so much hooked into the gameplay that the dev team almost forgot, the game needs a protagonist that could fit well into the story. If you have seen the popular TV series, Person of Interest, then you know who John Reese is…hope, now you understand what we are talking about. The fact is, if Ubi could have added some Mr. Reese quality into Aiden then the black hat-hacker could have carved out an ‘ultimate hero’ out of him.


If Aiden is out of the chapter, Ubi should develop a ‘young character’ with rich background who can later on prove himself as a ‘vigilante’ fighting for a greater cause. If the company decides to stick with Aiden then, it’s a humble request that Ubisoft should pay more attention to developing him as the Perfect Hero.

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Aiden needed to be a vigilante like John Reese, the central character in Person of Interest (a popular TV series)

Firstly, we saw a drastic downgrade in the graphics of WD, when compared to its showcase at E3. Next, those downgraded graphics did not justify the requirements for running the game. The point is, if you compare  GTA V to Watch_Dogs in terms of hardware optimization, then the former has a bigger advantage. GTA V was optimized even properly for low-end hardware, i.e. a GPU like Nvidia 9800 GT could run the game in flying colors. But what about WD? The game required heavy resources. You would need atleast GTX 460 to run the game. And what was the end result?- Negative criticism for hardware optimization. The game was not even visually appealing. So, what Ubisoft needs to do is, optimize Watch_Dogs 2 properly like GTA V, so that the game can be open to a larger audience. In order to make a game as a successful title, you need the support of the public. So, a larger audience definitely means huge support. So, instead of creating this marketing hype next time, Ubi needs to focus more on optimizing Watch_Dogs 2 properly for low-end hardware as well.


While playing, WD, at certain points you must have realized that the driving lacks some ‘edge’. So, what is that edge? The driving mechanics were not properly integrated to the environment, thus exhibiting a lack of ‘realism’. What Ubi needs to do in the next WD is, making the driving completely dynamic, such that the driving mechanic properly syncs with the driver as well as the environment.



At certain instances, Watch_Dogs needed some more variety added to the gameplay. Hacking was altogether an innovative idea but at the same time, addition of more variety to the way we hack could have made things a little more interesting. For example, while involved in car chases, one-button hacks made things a bit repetitive and less challenging. In the sequel, Ubi needs to make hacking a lot more challenging, so that players won’t even regret for a single moment while on their hacking adventure.

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