Multiplayer Evolved in COD Advanced Warfare!!!

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

-“Power changes everything”

We all know this slogan from the upcoming COD title, “Advanced Warfare“. I always pondered for the exact meaning of this sentence. Though I was aware that it has a direct link to the story as well as the hot tools and machinery, I still had this belief that there is something more to it. So, finally after watching the recent 7 mins gameplay footage revealed by Activision, I came to realise the true meaning of these words. If you will search for the meaning in depth then you will actually discover that Activision is actually trying to say how this power given to you can be used to create multiple varieties and strategies in your gameplay. It’s simple….Activision just wants to deliver a message to the audience by making them aware about how much fun they can have if they get access to such type of superhuman powers, i.e. from the ‘Exo-Suit’.

Now, how about if we take this approach to a higher level? You know what I am talking about. It’s the multiplayer experience! If you implement the use of your exo-suit in a multiplayer match, just imagine how distinct and unique the gameplay will be with a huge number of combinations and strategies to tackle your opponents! It will be more challenging then ever as compared to the traditional COD MP gameplay. So, the question is how and what’s new in the multiplayer mode?

It’s nothing much but the ‘Exo-Suit’ does the trick.  The gameplay will be based on four basic features: Boost Jump, Boost Slam, Boost Dodge, Boost Slide and Boost Dash. You can understand what they exactly mean. Boost jump and swiftly slam your opponent, dodge your opponent’s bullets easily and get a chance to finish, slide in split seconds and maneuver to take your ‘Tango’ down or use a lightning speed dash to melee your target. Mathemetically, by appling the permutation-combination theorem you can use more than hundred unique approaches to finish off your enemies 😛 . That being said, you still get much more things to do. In addition, you get the privilege to choose only one exo-skeleton ability from a wide range of options available to you like exo-shield, exo-cloak, exo-hover, etc. From these abilities, I really liked the hover mode by the help of which you can enter into a slow motion in the air and fire at your enemies. But remember that you need to make proper use of your battery to do so. Even that can be also taken care of if you have achieved the ‘Exo-Overcharge’ perk.  So, by now you must be having a clear idea of how challenging a simple multiplayer match is going to be if you want to emerge victorious. You need to make the right move at the right time, utilize your chosen exo-skeleton ability to outsmart your opponents and rather rely on more number of tactical approaches, as I am damn sure that you need to utilize your brain effectively to survive in a multiplayer game in Adv. Warfare.


If you watch the recently released trailer then you can find new customization modes and unique maps. Yes, I said unique maps because Advanced Warfare will provide you certain maps where you have to adjust yourselves to the environment accordingly to set the stage to your advantage, e.g. in a map called Biolab, where you get to play in a sophisticated and dangerous environment with narrow hallways, highly toxic containers,etc. that completely limist your gameplay. But at the same time you can utilise them for your advantage like you can fire on volatile containers if you find any opponents roaming nearby them.

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This game defines a new era of COD games taking the FPS genre to a completely new level that you have never seen before. So, I hope that you have made the decision to pre-order this game already. Advanced Warfare will be out on November 4, this year for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One and PS4. Till then enjoy watching the trailer:-


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