Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Google Glass

Google Inc which released the Google Glass by withstanding  many drawbacks  finally found a 80 % cure for it’s device . The latest edition which is the Google’s Glass Explorer Edition has very few drawbacks left which will be sorted out in coming quarters of this year. Google Glass Explorer edition is also available in the Playstore . It is not available in India , but still you can see the specification here and plan up to fetch it when it will be easily available to buy.

What’s new in the Explorer Edition ? ?

The Google’s Glass Explorer Edition is priced at $1500 . If you purchase it , you will get a free frame or shade which is an exclusive offer for buyers for this Edition only. Here are four frame options — curve, split, bold and thin — and three shade options — active, classic and edge. Sold on their own, the frames and shades cost $225 and $150, respectively. Google is also selling Glass earbuds that are available in an $85 stereo configuration or a $50 mono unit.

Screenshots of the App :


Google Play Music and Now Options


Will the App be really useful for Google Glass owners?

The App was last updated on July 24 sized at 6.8 MB. It has got a good user review that is 4.5 stars i.e nearly perfect globally. A major job for Google glass owner’s was to manage their device . It was impossible for the users to manage the Google Now settings , Play Music , updating their firmware etc . on the go ! So Google Inc came up with an App called ” MyGlass” where you can easily manage your Google Glass . So we can really say that it will help the Google Glass users a lot .

Are you already a Google Glass user  ? ? Or , Do you want to get your tech frizzy hands on it ? ?
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