Motorola’s New Wearable Will Befit Your Ear.

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

While everyone was engrossed in espousing their wearable device Smartwatches, Motorola bring ahead something new to wearable techs called Moto Hint. Moto Hint is a unexampled wearable device which is actually an earpiece or it can be called a Bluetooth earpiece. It retains us about James Bond movies, where he uses some futuristic gadgets and this seems to be one of that.

Moto Hint is a Bluetooth earpiece which connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth. It is voice controlled by Motorola’s own Moto voice app, and Google now will help a little. You might think that it design is too small to receive our voice, but it is quite sensitive even to draw your whispers. It has a capacitive touchscreen which can be used to accept calls or when whenever you think you need “OK” button you can touch that area for it. It doesn’t have any physical buttons on it, as it is too small for it, but the touch area does it’s work well.


Moto Hint is not only calls and music but also you can on your smartphone screens by voice commands. Isn’t it cool?? Another cool feature is that it connect automatically to your smartphone when you this in your ear and automatically disconnects when you take it out. During a incoming call if you are wearing this then the call directly goes to your phone. This smart feature is only possible due to IR sensors present in it. This amazing product is going to launch in October with a price tag of roughly $150 in US.

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