Sony Qx1 and QX30 are even more advanced

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Sony has really gone very far in the field of smartphone cameras and cameras lens also. Sony’s new product will be a great hit in the camera accessories. Sony’s QX10 and QX100 wasn’t a great achievement for Sony but it was only it’s 1st venture and it’s 2nd set out is quite more powerful and even more advanced than it’s foregoing versions. Smartphone cameras aren’t anymore that good for zooming and automatic background bluing, which are only possible in DSLR and few cameras. So this Sony’s new gadget will help u with that.

Sony QX1 is a smartphone attachable lens which is attached to a smartphone over a clamp and uses smartphone display over Wi-Fi or NFC. Wi-Fi is more preferable over NFC for a lag free connection. Sony QX1 is almost same to it’s foregoing versions in terms of looks and connection. It differs in points of quality, pixels, sensors, lens and the most important flash. Sony QX1 uses 20.1 Million Pixels/Mega Pixels. with APS-C sensors. The biggest thing about this lens is that we can spare a lens via optional adapter to get different effects and filters like wide-angle, fish-eye, and so on. But QX1 has got only 10x optical zoom and is not raised any more  in comparison to QX 10 and QX 100. But Sony has fixed that problem too. Sony’s QX30 is another smartphone lens which will come with elevated 30x optical zoom. Another most important upgrade is the inclusion of flash. The inclusion of flash has both good and bad effects. Good is when taking photos at night. Bad is the battery backup. As we know Sony’s QX 10 and QX 100 are ill-famed only for battery, so we expect to have a good and powerful battery in QX1 and QX30. Moreover addition of a powerful flash will drain battery at a high rate. These don’t come up with displays, but you have to download Play memories software, which is available for both iOS and Android, to access the display via phone or tablets. Windows phone cant use this Smartphone lens.

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