Minimum Requirements for installing Windows 10 on PC, Mobile and Tablets

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Finally, the wait is over as Microsoft officially announced the minimum requirements for installing its multi-platform OS, Windows 10  in smartphones, PCs and tablets. The announcement was made at the winHEC conference, China. Across all the platforms, Windows 10 will require a GPU with minimum support to DirectX 9.

Here are the minimum requirements for the upgrade


mobile phones

When Microsoft Windows 10 will be launched?

In the winHEC conference, Microsoft revealed that the OS is expected to launch this summer in 190 countries and in 110 languages. For the first time in Windows history, the new OS will be a free upgrade for the first year to those machines having Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, regardless of it being licensed or pirated. To know more about the Windows 10 upgrade terms and conditions click here.

Certification Program

As of now, you can get the Windows 10 preview after registering to the Windows Insider Program (click here). If you are a developer you can develop universal apps for Windows after downloading the “Windows developer tools”. If you are running a developer preview of Windows 10, then you should join the “Windows Hardware Certification Program” and register your machine to help windows learn more about the system for optimized drivers exclusively for your device or maybe there will be a single driver compatible with all the devices. Who knows..?? Windows is full of surprises these days.

There are some exciting features like biometric authentication (Face Recognition and Finger Print Reader), personal assistant “Cortana” and the new web browser “Edge” (to know about Edge Browser “click here “), revamped Windows Store and the return of the start menu.

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