Microsoft’s ROM May Challenge Android’s Dominance

Starting about the Windows Phone OS, it has a very limited availability in devices. Also, Microsoft is having a tough time to bring an impressive market share statistic while Android has the most of the shares and iOS comes in the second position.
These market shares are important for a company to express their dominance in the current world. Microsoft took time to think about the custom ROM’s which the users are installing and finally decided – why not make a Windows 10-based ROM for Android devices?

Well, that seems odd – “WINDOWS-10 based OS” on “ANDROID DEVICES”. So, basically Microsoft wants to increase the number of Windows Phone OS users and selectively steal Google’s market share.

Has Microsoft Gone Mad?

Well, this one is a personal thought being an Android user. If an Android user needs a custom ROM to flash with, why will someone install Windows Phone-based ROM while ignoring Cyanogen OS or other great custom ROMs?

Microsoft thinks that it can take over on some Android devices, but that may rarely happen. Still it’s a nice plan to compete against Google.

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Powerful Concept Though

While Android users may think that this plan may not work, at the same time if you take a look at the concept of Microsoft’s custom ROM then your thought might change for a moment. Microsoft is currently testing the custom ROM with the flagship device Xiaomi Mi4. It is believed to override the Android OS and get installed in the same way as Cyanogen OS. The ROM is designed to provide some exceptional features normally found in Lumia series. This is because an Android device is equipped with powerful specification which may make the Microsoft’s ROM work like a treat to Android users and they may finally switch to Windows Phone OS.

Why it chose to Test it on Xiaomi Mi4 first ?

Well, it is obvious. Xiaomi is known to be as the China’s “Apple”. And at the same time Android users present there love to customize their phones and if Microsoft will be able to take over China’s market then it will be easier to compete against Google.

Microsoft to partner with Xiaomi for making it’s plan more effective

As we know, Windows Insider Program lets you use the latest version of Windows first. It included the Xiaomi Mi4 users, those who can avail the Windows 10 OS available for free download. Feedbacks from the users will help Microsoft as well as Xiaomi to improve the user experience and resolve issues. This does not mean a commercial announcement of partnership of Xiaomi with Microsoft but specifically collaborating with Mi4 owners.

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