How about a TV series based on Watch_Dogs? Let’s sign a petition!

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

-“Connection is Everything”

WD fans, please try to control your emotions after going through the heading of this article. That can be possible because you will only make it happen. Just imagine the days when we were waiting for this cool innovative action-packed game in our utmost desperation. Yes, it was painful. But the day when you installed the game on your PC or console, it almost felt like time was slowing down each and every second. And finally, when your system was all ready to hack Chicago, the level of excitement was so high that it almost tended to infinity. Now, you can’t even deny that fact.


Most of you liked Aiden while some of you criticized the character for exhibiting a lack of perfect heroism. But you have to agree to this fact regardless of all the flaws that you may or may not have noticed in this game, the concept was superb! Ubisoft did some great job carving out such an idea. WD has the potential to become a very big franchise not only in games industry but also in the media industry. We are well aware that a movie on Watch_Dogs is in pre-stages of development but actually to be frank, that won’t do. What we want is a TV series based on WD.

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If Ubisoft manages to pull this off then WD might become one of the biggest gaming franchises in history. Because there aren’t any games actually from which something new like a TV series or movie has ever developed. Please don’t say Batman, as it’s all thanks to DC that enabled the superhero to be in movies as well as games. In other words, we are talking about an entertainment culture emerging from the concept of a game. And Watch_Dogs, has that potential. People love to see the vigilante, Aiden, hacking Chicago and catching the bad guys. Similarly, people would love to see this concept and setting implemented in a TV series.

So, are you happy with this idea? Then what are you waiting for??? Just sign the petition and let’s see some hacking on our TV screen. Plus, you really need to make this big. So, share this as many times as you can! Click on the link mentioned below:


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