Grand Theft Auto: The Movie

Barely a day left before the big game, GTA V, releases for PC. While gamers all around the world have geared up their PCs and cleared up their HDDs, this news will obviously add masala (spice) to your GTA V hype train. The title is going to have a movie in near future and the bigger news is your childhood favorite teen wizard Harry Potter a.k.a Daniel Radcliffe is going to be the lead actor in this one, confirmed by Hollywood Reporter.

Well hold your horses peeps, it is not what you think it is, before you think the movie is gonna have some ball-busting thug life actions like you got in GTA series, the movie is more about the co-Creator of the greatest game series of all time, a British game enthusiast, Sam Houser, who himself is on of the awesome people who founded New York-based Rockstar games back in 1998. His grand idea of dark world of criminal made Rockstar the rockstar of game production houses since the 2000s.


We all have watched the movie The Social Network which actually showed the bad business behind a great creation of Facebook and friendship-partnership complications. ‘To be’ directed by Owen Harris, I am not confirmed what the movie is gonna be all about but my mind says it is gonna be some lawsuit drama which was never settled or could it be about the idea Houser got about the mafia-street thug-based comedy action Grand Theft Auto. It could be the story behind Rockstar and GTA. Whatever it is I must say, as much as hyped I am about GTA V now, I will definitely look forward to have some tongue-twisting movie on it. Let’s just hope our Harry can put some spells on the GTA franchise also!

Sam Houser, told to be the Game Guru of UK is also the man of idea behind Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt and Max Payne series which has already got a movie. It’s about time GTA getting a movie but for now I will just wait for GTA V to come on tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th! Stay tuned for more!

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