Free SSL For Websites To Arrive In 2015

Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Before moving on to the news , you must know what SSL denotes ? ?

SSL(“Secured Socket Layer”) is basically a security protocol to encrypt data’s which either a visitor provides or to keep the website more secure by preventing attacks by encrypting the data packets which always fly’s on the Internet.

You must have seen a Green lock while you visit Google , if you have not noticed it then search something in our site’s Google search box and that is the sign of SSL installation in a website.

Well, Free SSL for lifetime makes a website owner or the security staffs happy because the SSL isn’t cheap to use always.

As presently if you hunt around on the web for SSL , you will find ‘trial’ offers or paid options to get yourself a SSL Certifcate. The Electronic Frontier Foundation just announced that they are collaborating with Cisco, Akamai and Mozilla and several other organisations to create a Non-Profit Organisation who’s purpose is to make SSL free and easy to implement in WordPress powered websites.

There is no confirmation that it will be specially for WordPress platform or for the whole internet but their planning will lead to a successful SSL organisation.

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