Cyanogen Partners with Qualcomm Along With A New Brand Identity

As we know Cyanogen is a custom ROM, which started up as a small community providing latest Android OS to the devices which were left abandoned to updates by the manufacturers. Also, to think out of the box by letting an user to control and customize everything by flashing up Cyanogen Mod on their device.

Well, in the current scenario Cyanogen emerged as a registered company to include “Cyanogen Inc” as a part of various software companies in the world.
That’s right this is the Cyanogen..Oh! Sorry, this was the Cyanogen. Cyanogen Inc re branded to let the world know that its catching up more vibrant energy from its users all around the world after Qualcomm partnered with it.

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Qualcomm agreed to install Cyanogen OS on its future reference design products coming next month.

So, it needed a fresh look to reflect its new benchmarks in the world. Along with the logo it also moved its official website to a new domain Well, the previous website hasn’t been taken down yet. So, we can expect the ROM update news on that site.

The new site reflects its vibrant energy from the intuitive and responsive design. It is a visual treat on desktop as well as on smartphones.


Also the new Cyanogen seems to put more concern on making its OS more secure. The privacy guard, PIN scramble, and other security features.

New Goals :

After you visit their official site you will notice Cyanogen specifying their main goals for more success in future. First is openness, The time is right to revolutionize mobile computing with an open platform. Openness benefits everyone—with more freedom, growth, and possibilities. It promises to improve its community to become even more united. They include that their DNA is forged from a community of makers, modders, and free-thinkers—and we want to grow that community, because everyone should be part of an open, better future. And finally the important thing – Experience, because the users experience matters a lot while considering the community’s growth and the software’s growth.

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