The Apple Watch Series 3 Will Come With Cellular Connectivity

Apple’s special event kicked off today! And, with no surprise, we have the new Apple Watch series 3 revealed first!

In my opinion, the Apple watch series 3 is the best smartwatch I’ve ever heard about till date! At the event, Tim Cook also pointed out that the Apple watch is now the best watch across the globe beating Rolex to take the throne! Well, we’re not sure about the source for the claim.

Apart from just incorporating cellular connectivity, the Apple Watch series 3 also comes packed with even more advanced heart rate monitors with recovery rate stats. Also, it detects unusual heart rythm and notifies you about it. Similarly, it tells you when your heart rate goes above normal even when you are idle.

The non-cellular variant will be available for $329 whereas the cellular variant would cost you $399.

The Apple watch series 3 will be available from September 22.

Stay tuned to us for more updates about the availablity of the product in India!

Are you going to get the Apple watch series 3? Let us know your thoughts about the latest Apple Watch!

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