Apple iWatch:Rumors and Release dates

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

Since the release of iOS 8,there has been a buzz in the market about the upcoming iWatch byApple.There has been many rumors and leaks regarding this product.During the announcement at WWDC,Tim Cook revealed the iWatch to be released in fall of this year.But few weeks ago,an anonymous report from Apple revealed that the launch  had been delayed.But here are some of the rumors regarding this gadget.

Specifications: The iWatch is set to run on iOS 8 along with is fully compatible with all iPhone(regardless of models and OS’s).It  mainly focuses on the calling feature along with other Social Media features like Facebook,Twitter,Foursquare,Whatsapp etc.

It is also rumored to have a 5 MP Camera with video recorder(unlikely).It is rumored to have 5 sensors along with biometric sensor like the  Nike Fuel Band which uses the Nike+iPod App in  iPhone. The.The Nike Fuel Band is a fitness tracking gadget which also tracks the calories burnt,distance covered in a day,weekly intakes etc.Music and Video playback is also rumored to be featured.No reports about any input devices like earphones has been unveiled.

Design: There has been a lot of rumors regarding the design of the iWatch.Some say it is going be Rectangular in shape while others say it is going to be Circular.Most probably it is going to be Rectangular but no strong reports regarding this is unveiled.The glass is rumored to be Gorilla Glass with OLED screen.

Price: Like all other Apple products,the price range is expected to be high.Reports reveal it be ranged from $250 to $300.

Release Dates: Like I said before,the release of this gadget has been delayed till early or mid 2015.

Competition: Previously during the release of Galaxy Gear created a tough competition for Sony Smartwatch which was launched a year ago.Now upon the launch of iWatch,it creates a very tough competition for both the lead producers.Galaxy Gear come at a price $250 and Sony Smartwatch is of $200.So with the same price range of the Galaxy Gear,it is expected to be a massive hit.

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