Google’s Android One Phones

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From many years there has been a competition among phone manufacturers in making low-cost Smartphones . Now Google is planning something too which is know as ” Android One Phones “.

Does low-cost phones means less specification ? ?

It seemed to be an impossible task to manufacture low-cost phones with good specifications , but companies  like Xiaomi , Motorola , Intex etc are making it possible nowadays. You must be knowing about the Moto E , Xiaomi Redmi 1S and other  similar phones . They are available at less price but still have good specification. So,we are expecting a good specification like Moto E.

When the Android One series is going to come ? ?

 According to various sources Google is going to organize an event on 15th September where it is going to unveil about it’s Android One series . At the same time it is expected that Micromax and other budget Smartphone manufacturers will also unveil their low-cost phones there .

At what price will it be available for and what it will have ?

Now the Google is working with the hardware manufacturers to launch a series of phones which can be priced less than 100$ . We don’t know about it’s specification or what unique feature it will have but i
f Google is going to launch such phones it’s gonna get regular Android updates , and the stock Android will be well-managed due to Google’s awesome control over the Android settings.

Now we just have to wait for the event to show up on September 15 . Stay tuned with us , we will keep you posted about this news .

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