“Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows” – Microsoft

“Right now we are releasing WINDOWS 10 and it will be the last version of Windows”-  Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft developer said at the Company’s Ignite Conference. While it sounds like the OS giant Microsoft is pulling off the future release of Windows OS, the inner picture is a little complex. Jerry Nixon, at the conference, beautifully explained how the company was busy releasing Windows 8.1 last year while in the background it was covertly developing Windows 10. “Since, there is no future version of Windows, the employees can now talk freely about the future updates of the OS”, she said. The reality is Microsoft will be pulling off the future releases of Windows version like it used to do after every few years.

Now, the company will provide

“Windows as a service”.

Well, half of the picture is still unclear that, how Windows as a service will come into the play? But one thing is for sure, that there will be no more major release of any new version of Windows in the near future. The company is working very hard to build the finest Operating System ever built in the history, which can run on multiple platforms.

What is “Windows as a service” ?

The company has a lot of things going in the background.

  • First thing:  Windows 10 will be free for 1-year to those running earlier versions of Windows, then they have to pay for the OS.
  • Second: The company is working very hard to make Windows 10 piracy free.
  • Third: Those having the unlicensed version of Windows can also upgrade for free for the first year.
  • Last: There won’t be any version of Windows after Windows 10.

Let’s have an example what, “Windows as a service exactly means”.

Well, you must be familiar with the fact that the Google-Made-Browser was released with the name tag-“CHROME”. For years the name has been still the same for the browser. Google only releases updates for Chrome with a build number. Likewise, Microsoft will do the same. Instead of releasing any new OS, the company will provide small or big updates over time, as required, which will be integrated with the core OS. There won’t be any major release of Windows in the future. This will be great to maintain the consistency of the OS across different platforms.

This decision by Microsoft can be seen as another step to stop the piracy. As, for one year, Windows 10 will be free regardless of licensed or unlicensed version you are using, you can get the upgrade. Then after one year if you wish to get the updates definitely you have to buy the service. Let’s see how effective all these will be. See more about piracy free Windows here.

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