Samsung Needs a change in it’s Smartphones


After giving a penalty of 1.5 billion US dollars to Apple for copying Apple’s design , Samsung did’t loose much because of it’s supporters.

But now according to me Samsung is copying each and every function of Apple. I agree that Samsung Galaxy S5 uses fingerprint scanner which has it’s unique use in S5 . But why fingerprint scanner came ?
As it was in Apple Iphone.
The dissapointing factor in Samsung smartphones is that softkeys  are not available , which is trending now-a-days.

Samsung has a good competitor which is LG , which leads Samsungs innovation . So Samsung should come up with something new to dazzle every user & non – Samsung users .

We want Samsung to be more innovative by creating a unique function & also unique design .
I trust Samsung the most because of it’s quality , good pricing & good support but i expect the above said improvements which may help Samsung to be the undefeated leader in smartphone sales.

I don’t know whether i am right or not but Samsung Smartphone needs a Serious change.

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