4 Revolutionary features in Android L

Last updated on July 3rd, 2014

Google’s vision for Android is exciting.

But Android phone faced a lot of problems by lagging at oddest times which makes the user rigid at the phone.

Well,now if you are a different user also you should try on the Android  5.o ( Android L , said by Google ) because it has really got some thunder in it!

Let’s get to the exciting features you will get in it :

(1)   The new Android L 5.o will support 64-bit processors which will make the old laggy android phones twice as fast as anyone    can surf on it. This one should be interesting because we have already talked about android becoming the king if the performance improves and now Google is on it !

(2)  Have you heard of “Project Volta” ?? Well,it’s the project which Google is eager about for a new battery savings mode with a new battery which will make a smartphone amazing in giving battery back-up. Some android lovers say that if a smartphone will last for a 3 day charge then that smartphone is the best one in the house !

(3)  The new version is expected to have a new notification settings which will be helpful for a beginner to respond to a notification or ignore it from being at the lock screen.Double tap feature will also be enabled on the lock screen which will help users respond without opening and going to the message.

(4) A whole new UI is expected which will be clean and cool with a new font style option .

And the releasing date has not yet been revealed at Google I/O conference,and also the name expected as Lollipop has not been confirmed as Google said it as Android L in the conference.

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