Micromax canvas nitro vs. Moto g(2nd gen.) [ the budget war ]

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

In 2014, the smartphone business is on peak and presently there is a rain all around .In recent weeks many smartphones companies have come up with different phones and most of them fall on budget and mid-range segment, so did the india’s very own company micromax did their part and introduced MICROMAX CANVAS NITRO. Another company Motorola, who changed the meaning of mid-range phones with its absolute successful moto g or say “the mighty moto g”, has also launched MOTO G (2nd generation).

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Most of the buyers are now like a little fat kid, on one hand he is offered ice-cream with extra topping and on other hand a jar full of candy, its also difficult for buyers to choose because both the phones cost the same moto g(2nd gen.) is 12999 INR. Whereas canvas nitro is 12990 INR. (you can’t event even afford a sugar candy with these 9 rupees , so forget it). So here is a quick first impression review and comparison between moto g(2nd gen.) and micromax canvas nitro.

If deciding over specifications between these two phones , canvas nitro takes the lead over moto g(2nd gen.) ,with its  MediaTek MT6595 SoC with octa-
core 1.7GHz CPU, 2gb ram and  13MP camera. But just these are not the only deciding factors when one chooses a phone.

The MediaTek Tru Octa-Core (MT6592) on one hand gives nitro an edge over the moto g2’s snapdragon 400 but also hogs the battery faster, whereas moto g2 gives the user a good battery life.Another point to be noted is that nitro has removable battery which can be replaced whereas moto g2 doesnt offer removable battery . But still in this field moto g2 takes the lead over nitro.

Even though both the devices have the same IPS display, but the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection on the Moto G makes the screen feel much more premium than the Canvas Nitro.
Moto g2 also feels much lighter than the Nitro and is easier to work with because of the curved back that gives it very thin edges.Micromax has faux-leather looking back cover but it doesn’t give a very interesting look .Another aspect in which moto g2 takes the medal is variety of colour availability, where nitro comes with two colours (blue and white) , moto g2 gives user to choose from different replacable back covers.
Once again moto g2 gets another lead in look and design.

Both front and back camera of canvas nitro gives better output than compared with moto g2. However moto g2 does give a better output than its older version moto g.

Both the devices run on latest android 4.4(kitkat) and perform really well,but when put on a scale nitro runs on 2gb ram whereas moto g2 has 1gb, which makes micromax canvas nitro much more preferable for multi-tasking.

Both the devices give a user a good value for money. It depends on the user what he is looking for and priorities over different areas.
(1) specifications
(2) great performance
(3) good camera output

WHY CHOOSE MOTO G(2nd generation):
(1) Looks and design
(2) good battery backup
(3) good performace (less than nitro)

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