Lumia Denim: The Successor of Cyan

Last updated on August 21st, 2017

“Hey Cortana!”

Imagine if you could say the above command to to access Cortana on your Windows Phone. Well have you ever tried it? It’s obvious that there is no such feature available in your Windows Phone at present. But how about if I say that now it’s a possibility- “A Dream Come True”? Geeks, nerds, freaks whatever… should feel delighted after knowing that Microsoft recently revealed the Lumia Denim update which will be the successor of Cyan. The major change that has been implemented in this update is the flexibility of using Cortana. You just don’t need to switch on your phone, swipe your password and press the magnifying glass button to launch Cortana anymore. Just say,”Hey Cortana!”, and she is all yours. This is similar to the “O.K. Google!” command to launch Google Now on Android devices, but who cares? We are gonna have that on our Windows Phone too which sounds cool enough.

Now, let’s discuss about the next significant change. According to the Harvard Database of Useful Biological Numbers, a single blink of a human eye takes around 100-400 milli seconds. Now, imagine if you could capture and store around 3 images within that time frame, then that would definitely be lightning fast and innovative. So, Lumia Denim introduces you with this innovation! Microsoft has specifically worked on this update to take the image capture quality to a new and higher level.  The Nokia Camera app has been enhanced and what’s more to it is that you can shoot 4k videos at 24 fps if you hold the camera button at 8.3 MP’s. And using those videos you can also produce high quality still images which has been termed as, “Best Frame”. Now, in addition to that there is another feature that you can use on your 4k video. It’s called “Action Shot”, which can be used to create one image from multiple shots. In other words, you can merge multiple images taken from one video into a single high quality image. Frankly speaking, this is superb! According to Microsoft,”Essentially, what this means for consumers is that you will never miss a shot”.

Lumia Denim will be initially launched for the flagship phones like Lumia 930, Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon. It will be made available to all the Lumia smartphones running Windows 8.1 in Q4 2014 . The all new camera app will be available intially for the above mentioned flagship phones by Q4 2014.

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