Finger-drawn lines replacing password?? What’s the Benefit??

Now-a-days me all use mobile devices for online banking and other transactions in crowded areas .
Are you cautious about anyone looking at your mobile behind you ??

Researchers from New Jersey’s Rutgers University are working on a authentication system that would make you live carefree while accessing important accounts in public.

They are working on a system which authenticates access from the lines drawn manually.
According to the velocity , pressure & no. of finger’s used(if multi touched) it give’s access to the owner .

But here’s what to be thought about in this system . Does a owner always have to apply science of velocity & pressure before unlocking his/her account?? It’s too complex…

Let’s wait for the researcher’s to complete this system , if this system will be easy-to-use and secure then it will be a nice development .

Stay tuned for further news on this topic.

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