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Last updated on August 18th, 2017

Well, as we had mentioned in our recent article on “6 things that you should know to avoid Facebook scams” that there are approximately 1.40 billion monthly active users as calculated on Q1 of 2015. And, that’s a huge figure.

Facebook is constantly on the move to ensure that every common human should have access to the Internet. However, Mark Zuckerberg is still criticized for initiatives like Internet.org which violate net neutrality.

Now, Mark has come up with a great plan which will ensure that more people enjoy Facebook, even with an extreme poor connectivity. And that’s normally 2G for the modern world.

Facebook developers created the Facebook Lite version app not only being lighter in memory size but it has been specially optimized for the 2G network. I tried it out with a 2G network signal, but surprisingly it feels like being on a 3G network. The pictures in it are effectively compressed for a faster experience.

The Facebook Lite version brings back the UI ( User Interface ) of the older Facebook app, which was available only for java mobiles. It’s almost similar but obviously better and sharp. Its just 435kb, which a 2G user can easily download. And, as it has been optimized for 2G networks, high-speed Internet users can use it too, to save their data consumption. So, if you are on a high speed network, but want to stay updated on Facebook without consuming much data, then Facebook Lite is the right choice. 

However, you would again return to the original Facebook app for Android if you want a rich Facebook experience.

Some screenshots:

You can download it on the link below:

Google Play Store (Download Now)

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