Ever Heard Of Lip-reading to Unlock Security Lock ?

Smartphones getting unlocked by lip reading was never heard before , but new researches seems to make it possible.

The principle used in this technology includes usage of jaw muscles while speaking , even without making any audible sound ,and it has applications which would be used in High-end technologies and High-end Smartphones .

All credits for this technology should be given to Ahmad Hassanat at the University of Mu’tah in Jordan. He developed a new software that recognizes lip pattern and movements by mouth ,also with numbers of teeth seen when users speak to their cameras. After the video is captured , the program reads and decodes the signal and matches with the original one .

During the starting of his experiments , his error rate lied between 7.63% and 20.51% , which showed it needed many changes. It could be used in combination of usernames and passwords to make it more effective.

Ahmad evaluated the software using a video database of 20 different speakers (10 women and 10 men), and 15 more men in another video database with different experiment sets. Even the best actor would find it impossible to exactly duplicate someone else’s lip movements, Hassanat said.

This concludes that this new security tools would be a nearly impossible task for the hackers to hack as it would be nearly impossible to replicate one’s lip movements.

Also good news that it would be applicable for computers for safety purposes.

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