How To Fix The Moto X Play Wifi Bug?

Whenever we encounter an issue (software bug) with our smartphones running on Android, it’s usually the time to shout out to the company responsible for overlooking the software bugs before release. This time, it’s Moto X Play. However, the device is almost bug free, but some users reported that their WiFi keeps on turning ON/OFF.


If you’re facing the same issue, then there’s nothing to worry about, it can be easily fixed (as I successfully did with the help of customer service executives). And, mostly a 3rd Party app is responsible for the bug. There was no Wi-Fi connectivity issue out-of-the-box. But, after installing Temple Run 2, the device suddenly restarted and the Wi-Fi automatically kept switching OFF/ON.

Now, let’s start fixing the issue…

(Note: This fix is only for Lollipop users)

Step 1: Turn OFF the device.

Step 2: Press & Hold Power Button – Volume Down simultaneously

You’ll find an arrow navigating through the options. Now, you need to use the volume key to navigate.

Step 3: Press Volume Up/Down Button till you get to the “Recovery Mode” option. Select the option to proceed by pressing the power down once.

Step 4: Now, you’ll get a screen saying NO COMMAND. First hold the power button and then the volume up key just right after without leaving the power button. (It’s a two step process, not simultaneously). Note: Don’t hold the power button for too long.

Step 5: Okay! You’re almost there. Now, you’ll see some options, one being “Wipe Cache Partition”. Navigate your way to the option using volume keys and then select the mentioned option using the power button.

Step 6: Wait till the process ends (5-20 minutes). And, then you’ll see “Reboot Now” highlighted, just press the power button again. The device will reboot. If the issue is still there, I’m afraid you’ve to try resetting the device (Factory Reset). But, make sure to backup the data on your device.

That would fix your Wi-Fi problem and you can get back to enjoy using your Moto-X Play to it’s fullest. Do comment below if you have any queries. So long!

7 thoughts on “How To Fix The Moto X Play Wifi Bug?”

  1. This is stupidity. Every power user performs wipe cache partition or factory resets. I did it myself twice and the wifi big still persists. This is no solution.
    Post only if you have an actual solution to it otherwise performing a cache partition or factory is mentioned on everyother tech website.

  2. It worked for me. So, I have tried to help readers try it out. If it didn’t then I’m afraid I don’t know any alternative as of now! Will get back to you if I get an alternative 🙂

  3. This solution worked for me too..i use moto x play with android 6.0.1 version , Thanks a lot for ur post 🙂

  4. Glad it worked. I admit it’s the most common thing to do, but it helps the people who missed doing it 😉

  5. Hi.
    I just did this and glad to inform that it works.. now Wifi detect in Moto X-Play

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