Xiaomi takes over Apple by becoming the 3rd largest manufacturer in China.

We can think over for a major reason for which Xiaomi managed to be ranked this high , and that is -budget Smartphones produced by Xiaomi  , which Apple can’t do .

Technology needs to be improved but yet in an affordable manner so that a common man also can experience the latest technology. Apple doesn’t seem to bother about this and as a result of which it’s loosing it’s share in every field. Let it be in the OS platform category or Smartphone sales category.

If you want to know about the ranking in China, here it is:

  1. Samsung
  2. Lenovo
  3. Xiaomi
  4. Apple

Going in detail with the Global sources , Xiaomi is now on its way to take over 11% of the total market share when it comes to the number sold in China, whereas its closest rival at this point in time, Apple, makes up around 10% of the number of smartphones sold. Samsung and Lenovo remain right in front, with 18% and 12% market share, respectively, although it does seem as though Xiaomi is about to overtake Lenovo pretty soon.

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